Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gross Pictures and an Injinji Giveaway!

Hey guys!  Hope you're having a beautiful Thursday....

A while ago, Injinji was nice enough to send me a few pairs of their awesome toe socks for review. 

I was initially intrigued by them after The Longest Day last year; the blisters on my toes were out of control. 

You kind of want to see them, don't you?  Or maybe you don't really want to see them, but if I post some pictures you know you're going to steal a glance as you're trying to scroll past them...

Ahh!   You looked!!  Blisters!!!!
The blister to foot ratio has tipped in a bad way...
Those were pretty bad, but worst blister I had was on the bottom of my pinkie toe.  My shoes are very roomy, but for some reason over long distance my pinkie toe sort of gets wedged under my fourth toe, and the result is very, very painful.

Try to walk on me, I dare you.

The sunlight streaming through the blister is almost poetic, no?

So anyway, Injinji was nice enough to send me some socks, and I was initially skeptical:

 But they slipped on easily, and after readjusting my toes a bit, they got a thumbs (toe) up from me!

 I did some progressively longer runs in these puppies, and I had really high hopes they would work on my blister issues. 

Well, they did.

Although they didn't do much for the recurring blisters on the side of my foot, but I haven't gotten a dreaded pinkie toe blister with these puppies on.  It's great. 

Bottom line:   If you get blisters around/on your toes, you have to try these socks.

And lucky for you, one lucky reader will receive a pair of Performance Series Lightweight No-Show socks in Pink. (fits shoe size 6-8.5... sorry my ladies who are more endowed in the foot department, no discrimation suits please.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The only downside (or upside, if you're a dick):  they freak kids out. 

Momma, take socks off pwease!!!

Good luck!  I'll announce the winner next Friday, March 1st.


  1. LOVE these socks. But I am not enterring, since I am bigfoot, haha.

  2. Some sick, sick, sick foot fetish dude is going to LOVE this post.

  3. I LOVE Injini toe socks. . . they are almost all I ever run in (unless it's really cold, then I pull out my Fox River winter fluffy socks). And you can wear toe socks anywhere, at anytime, even without Five Finger shoes!

    I won't enter since I already have a lot of Injini. I have a green pair like your pink style, and lots of black and white and the rainbow pattern.

    The only other sock that comes close is the Fox River sock that is black or gray with a green or orange swoop through. . .the swoop is arch support built into the fabric. They're really awesome.

  4. those are some impressive blisteres!!

    I totally dig these socks and hope to win some!!

  5. I've been wanting to try some of these for awhile. Hopefully you won't have any blisters anymore. Those are some rough ones!

  6. I've gotten blisters in the past but wholey moley! I am entering for my wife, she is training for her first marathon. We will run it together in May. Right now her training is going great, she's scheduled for a 17 miler this weekend!


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