Monday, October 3, 2011


Over the weekend, I decided I wanted to take my hair (which naturally is a particularly unpleasant shade of dishwater) and turn it into the sun-kissed blonde of my youth. 

After seeing this sign, I felt particularly empowered:

So emboldened was I that I decided to forgo the conventional wisdom of staying within 2-3 shades of my natural color.  I went with this bad boy:

I'm gonna be BLONDE!

Apparently, the hair gods heard my prayers, but instead of "Sun-kissed blonde", they heard "Sunkist".  



No need to adjust your monitor folks.  Yes, this shade of bright orange is not like the orange hair that redheads sometimes have, or really even like the orange hair of say, a tiger.  This is not a hair color that occurs in nature.  Ever. 

I busted out my trusty laptop and went to Google.  "Orange hair disaster".  "Tried to go blonde and now it's orange"  "Bleaching gone wrong".  I was having trouble finding any helpful information - there were a lot of posts from people in my situation, but the only answer seemed to be "Get thee to a salon!"

Well, if I wanted to spend all that money and have someone shake their finger at me for coloring my hair at home, that might have been an option, but it wasn't.

It wasn't until I Googled "What the f*ck did I do to my hair?" that I found some hope.

Apparently, I had two choices.  I could get another box of lightener, and then some toner, and color corrector, and then dye it the color I wanted.  Umm, no thank you.  I failed chemistry.

Second choice - dye it dark.  A warm dark brown should work. 

So I put that disaster in a bun, hopped into my sweet mini-van, and drove back to Walgreens, but seriously- in a different town.  I was not risking being seen with this fried orange mess on my head. 

Picked up the new color, and headed home.  (Funny sidenote - when I got back into my van, I glanced in the rearview and noticed I had a chocolate milk mustache.  I laughed the whole way home knowing that the checkout girl was probably calling everyone over to review the security tapes of this orange-headed freak she just checked out.)

Long story short, I colored it brown, it stuck. Now I have brown hair which doesn't go particularly well with delightful red blotchy skin tone, but it's better than orange.


  1. oh nooooo! I've done this before..right before senior pictures in high school. And then my hair had a slightly red tint forever. Not a normal red tint either..I just didn't stand under bright lights and avoided the sunshine. Those signs are so tempting...the whole beauty aisle is...especially when you're looking for just a fun change up.

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  2. btw, end result looks beautiful in the picture.

  3. I've oranged myself as well. hahahaha.

    The brown looks really good on you.

  4. I think the end result looks great!

  5. I almost laughed out loud at this! But the end result does look good!

  6. Oh I have done this so so many times. Did you know that auborn is purple? Yeah me either. I had purple hair for a month.

    So glad you were able to fix it and I think the brown looks great. :)

  7. I am so sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but this was so funny! I love your blog! I did the exact same thing is 8th grade with sun-in (remember that stuff??). Thank you for the morning giggles and btw the brown looks good!

  8. wow! I've had that happen before. I would NEVER box dye my hair now. It's cheaper to go to a salon after all the corrections you have to go through. I do like you as a brunette though :)

  9. I could have written this. I turned my hair BRIGHT orange and just went with it for a good 6 months. Although...brown works for you!

  10. Oh noooooooo!! I had an orange hair disaster once. I was in the 8th grade. I was told not to color my hair. I didn't listen. My hair went orange, and it stayed that way for 7 months until I could finally afford someone at a salon to fix it!!! My Mother made her point well. The end result turned out well for you- I think you look great as a brunette! :)

  11. Periodically, I threaten to do that, but (fortunately) my husband always insists I spend the money to have it done.

    Thank you for sharing your personal coloring hell for those of us flirting with disaster...

    Poor you!

  12. you look good as a brunette! Cracked me up that you went to a store in another town with a chocolate milk mustache - totally something that would happen to me...

  13. I think deep down you just wanted to be a brunette like me :)

    The orange hair rocks, you could have joined the circus with that!

  14. i like the end color!!! it looks good. your faces though...seriously hilarious! and love that you googled "orange hair disaster." I once tried to color my hair auburn. ummm it turned out fire engine red. i was horrified. i then turned it black. even worse. hahaha. omg. hair. you would think it would be simple. p.s. your email MADE MY DAY the other day :)

  15. I've done this! And I ended up doing the same thing as you. Oh well, live and learn. At least it's just hair :)

  16. What? That looks pretty sun-kissed to me?? :)

  17. hey! i like it dark! it's a good way to go for the f*cking winter months anyway. you are totally one hot mama.

  18. hey! i like it dark! it's a good way to go for the f*cking winter months anyway. you are totally one hot mama.


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