Race Reviews/Recaps

Suamico, WI
Years I ran:  2007, 2011
This is an decent little two miler that benefits a multitude of local charities... and they have beer stations along the route.  Nothing says fitness better than chugging down sun-warmed beer out of a dixie cup during a race.

Bellin Run
Green Bay, WI

Years I ran: 2007 - 52:18, 2008 - 54:53, 2009 - 50:41
The Bellin is a huge, crowded, but surprisingly well-run and awesome race that I try to do every year.  The crowd support is unbelievable, and the highlight of the course is an older gentleman at the top of a painter's ladder playing his banjo singing "And run and run and run and run... "  It's great. 

The Bun Run
Seymour, WI

Years I ran: 2007 - 24:21
Ha.  This is a funny one.  It's during Seymour's annual Hamburger fest, and after the race there is a big party featuring the world's longest ketchup slip 'n slide.  Slightly boring course, but the t-shirts are awesomely ugly.

Chicago Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon
Chicago, IL

Years I ran: 2009 - 2:06:44, 2010 - (we don't talk about this one), 2011 - 1:59:28
I just love this race.  I am originally from the Chicagoland area, and this race just calls to me.  You run a few miles in downtown Chicago, and it's amazing.  And then you run south along the highway, and then turn north along a lake front path.  The view of the Chicago skyline when you turn north with the sun glittering on Lake Michigan takes my breath away every time.    I love this race.

Crazylegs Classic 8k
Madison, WI

Years I ran: 2008 - 42:42
Ugh, I'm so sorry Madison lovers, but I hated this race.  Cold, windy, hilly, soul-sucking.  The forty minute wait for our wave to start in the freezing cold.  The super crowded finish.  Very few spectators.  Not for me.

Fox Cities Marathon
Menasha, WI
Years I ran: 2008 - relay marathon
What's not to love about this race?  It goes through nine cities and towns all through the Fox Valley, and it has great changes in scenery, great crowd support, and a picturesque finish.  This is why it will be my very first 26.2!

Fremont River Run 5k
Fremont, WI

Years I ran: 2007 - 25-ish?  2010 - 29:33
My all time favorite race.  The people that put this on are incredible, and line up the most free stuff and awesome food of any race I have ever seen.  Wonderfully small field and the course goes through the tiny town of Fremont, where there are about 6 very enthusiastic spectators.  I can't say enough about this one... LOVE it.  This was my second 5k post-partum, and that 29:33 nearly did me in.  :)

Green Bay Marathon
Green Bay, WI

Years I ran: 2009 - Relay Marathon
Love this one too - it's a diverse course that finishes in Lambeau Field.  Running through the tunnel onto the field gives me the chills every time.  Tons of spectators for a medium-size marathon.

Oshkosh Half Marathon
Oshkosh, WI

Years I ran: 2008 - 2:10:11, 2011 - 2:09:16, 2012 - relay
A great half marathon course, but definite organizational issues.  Used to be a "must-run" for me, but quality has slipped over the years.

Point Bock Run
Steven's Point, WI

Years I ran: 2009 - 46:19, 2011 - 48:19, 2012 - 42:48
This is another of my favorites.. my dad was a lover of all things Point Beer, and my brother and I run this in honor of him.  Great course, great people, great beer at the end.

Sam I Am 5 Mile
Appleton, WI

Years I ran: 2010
Oooh, this is a brutal run.  BRUTAL.  It's a double-loop, which I hate, and it's very hilly. And VERY hot.  Less than 100 people ran this, and they had us waiting at the start line for 30 minutes.. as it got hotter, and hotter, and hotter....

Sole Burner 5k
Appleton, WI

Years I ran: 2007 - ?
This was my very first 5k, and it was a rough experience.  The number of participants far exceeded the capacity of the course, so there was a bottleneck at one point that left us middle-of-the-packers standing around for several minutes waiting to start running again.  I understand they've changed the course a bit, but I won't be running this one again.

Team Hailey 5k
Appleton, WI

Years I ran: 2009 - 24:54, 2010 - 36:32
I really love the idea of this race - it's for an amazing cause, the course runs over the Trestle Trail Bridge which is wonderfully scenic... but it's also the same day as the Oshkosh Half Marathon, which means the weather historically sucks.  I missed it this year to run the half, but I do like running this one.  Oh, and let me explain the 12 minute difference from 2009 to 2010... I ran this one four weeks post C-section.. and it was little more than a weird lurch/shuffle for 3.1 miles.  ha.

Seroogy's Valentine's Day 5k
De Pere, WI

Years I ran: 2011
This is a great start-the-season run.. cold and fun.  It doesn't attract a lot of recreational runners, so the field is pretty competitive (like most of Midwest Sports Events races).  Best part is the chocolate, cheese, and hot cocoa at the finish line.  mmmm  :)

De Pere, WI

Years I ran: 2007 - 1:46:52
This was a super fun race Rachel and I did before we got into distance running.  We had no tech gear and braved the 30 mph November winds dressed like homeless folks... at least we employed a smart walk/run strategy and finished happily.  I don't really remember anything spectacular about this race, but a fun distance.
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