Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gross Pictures and an Injinji Giveaway!

Hey guys!  Hope you're having a beautiful Thursday....

A while ago, Injinji was nice enough to send me a few pairs of their awesome toe socks for review. 

I was initially intrigued by them after The Longest Day last year; the blisters on my toes were out of control. 

You kind of want to see them, don't you?  Or maybe you don't really want to see them, but if I post some pictures you know you're going to steal a glance as you're trying to scroll past them...

Ahh!   You looked!!  Blisters!!!!
The blister to foot ratio has tipped in a bad way...
Those were pretty bad, but worst blister I had was on the bottom of my pinkie toe.  My shoes are very roomy, but for some reason over long distance my pinkie toe sort of gets wedged under my fourth toe, and the result is very, very painful.

Try to walk on me, I dare you.

The sunlight streaming through the blister is almost poetic, no?

So anyway, Injinji was nice enough to send me some socks, and I was initially skeptical:

 But they slipped on easily, and after readjusting my toes a bit, they got a thumbs (toe) up from me!

 I did some progressively longer runs in these puppies, and I had really high hopes they would work on my blister issues. 

Well, they did.

Although they didn't do much for the recurring blisters on the side of my foot, but I haven't gotten a dreaded pinkie toe blister with these puppies on.  It's great. 

Bottom line:   If you get blisters around/on your toes, you have to try these socks.

And lucky for you, one lucky reader will receive a pair of Performance Series Lightweight No-Show socks in Pink. (fits shoe size 6-8.5... sorry my ladies who are more endowed in the foot department, no discrimation suits please.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The only downside (or upside, if you're a dick):  they freak kids out. 

Momma, take socks off pwease!!!

Good luck!  I'll announce the winner next Friday, March 1st.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thank You and the Best Photobomb Ever

Huge thank you to all of the kind comments and well-wishes on my last post.  We went to Dallas, we rocked it, it was amazing.  Rachel wrote an awesome and suprisingly heartfelt for such a cold-hearted she-devil blog post, and I echo her sentiments.

Instead of mirroring her post, here's a picture of us looking all pretty for the speech:

Nerves of steel baby.

And here are the four pictures we took trying to get that nice picture.

I have some more stuff to say about the experience, and my fear of public speaking, but for now I'm just going to bask in the glory of crossing off #11.

I had a dream last night that I was walking around, nursing a newborn baby that was presumably mine.  I was following a nurse around this hospital Target-like thing getting stuff for the baby, and when I got to the register, the checkout lady asked me for the name and birthweight and stuff of my baby.  I had no idea, so I called my husband, and he told me the birth date and weight and the name.


I said, "You named our baby Kanye?  As in Kanye West?" 

And then he told me it was a girl.  A white girl baby named Kanye.   Because he was "so inspired by Kanye's latest album". 

Thanks, crazy subconscious, for making me mad at my real-life husband for ridiculous dream shenanigans.  Again.


Best photobomb ever.

This is me and my family at an indoor waterpark:

Husband and Baby A in the blue trunks.  My look-it's-a-one-piece-but-it's-still-sexy-ok and sweet Baby B in the foreground.

Aaand that's a little boy getting shot with a water cannon in the b-hole.

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