Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spinning - Overcoming Terrible Music... and Lady Bit Problems

I took a spin class yesterday... and I really, really wanted to like it.

Well, let me rephrase that.  As I lurched out of bed at 4:38 in the morning, I grumbled, "This had better be good."

And it wasn't.... bad.  It was fine.  I've been to two or three spinning classes before, and I definitely didn't catch the bug.  I was hoping this time would be different because I'm finally able to start cross-training on the femur, and spinning seemed like a good way to start.

The instructor was really nice - I got there early and he helped me set up my bike and gave me a few pointers on form.  He had to make a few adjustments once I was in the pedals, so I tried to get my butt as far away from his face as he worked... but then I realized that to the people coming into the room I definitely looked like I was humping the handlebars.  Ah well.

People started filtering in, and I eyed them up a bit, hoping to catch some idea of what I should be doing.  A person would come in, make their bike adjustments, hop on and start pedaling at a moderate pace. Super - I can handle that.  

I hopped on, sat down, and thirty seconds later glanced at the clock in desperation.  It was 5:10am.  Class was from 5:15-6:15am and I felt like my lady bits were on freaking fire.   For the next 65 minutes, I silently begged this dude to do some climbs or jumps just so I could get some relief.  I kid you not - the pain was intense, and I'm pretty sure that my inner butt cheeks are bruised.  

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG HERE FOLKS? I seriously feel like I got whacked in the hoo-ha by a two-by-four for a few hours.

Ha!  Speaking of hoo-has, or whoohas if you will, check out this picture Rachel snapped at the race this weekend:

Marketing Genius.

The only other "issue" - if you can call it that- was the music.  I'm not sure what music normally accompanies a spin class - but the other class I took had a pretty gnarly mix of Enya-type new-age stuff and German metal.  You haven't lived until you do jumps to "Du Hast".  ha.

Yesterday, the dude put on Rachel's dream playlist.  Sixty minutes of 80s power ballads mixed with 80s hard rock, and I wanted to strangle myself.  Seriously.  One can only take so much Ozzy and Whitesnake before 6am.  

So, the question is if I'll go again next week to the same dude or switch days to try a different instructor.  Seriously, I love music.. and I'm pretty open to most musical genres.  Let me spin to classic rock, hip-hop, metal, dance, folk, or even show tunes, and I won't fantasize about banging my head on my handlebars.

What's your favorite music to spin to?  

What do you do about the butt/crotchal area issue?  I need some help!


  1. Do you have padded cycling shorts? Those will help alot

  2. I love that the first bit of hoo-ha advice comes from a man! Awesome!

    The only thing better than the 80's power ballads would be some 70's disco. You make me want to do this! ;)

  3. I am just like you with the 80's music. I hate it. My sisters think I'm immature listening to 95.9 and 101.1 though...haha

  4. Big Daddy you can't begin to under the hoo-ha pain she's talking about! :) I have the same issue when I ride. It's so uncomfortable!

    Oh, I would of wanted to strangle him listening to that. I love me some music of today! HELLO!! haha, not that I do spin but I would try for a different instructor. One not stuck in the 80's.

  5. I've never been to a spin class yet, so I have zero advice. But I apologize for laughing about your hoo-ha!

  6. Try a new instructor and get some spin shorts. Also, you can "stand in the saddle" whenever you want. I disregard the teacher's direction as necessary.

  7. When we graduated college my roommate worked at a cycle shop and she would tell me stories about having to ask cyclist if they were experiencing "genital numbness." I thought that was hilarious until I started cycling. Just like BDD said, get bike shorts because as bad as they might look (on me) they really help with the nether regions. Really, they do. Also, you are going to feel bruised until you get used to it...callous up a bit? So stick to it! But I would try out another teacher. I went to a class once that had horrible music and it was painful. I've never had a bad acid trip in the jungle (or anywhere) but I am pretty sure that would be the soundtrack playing during one. It was seriously weird.

  8. i went to one spin class and the music was definitely wayyyy old. i needed something to pump me up. i mean seriously...if i am getting out of bed before 5...i need SOMETHING.

  9. First of all, WHOOHA!!
    Definitely try a different instructor! Music is so key to a good workout. Our class goes crazy (singing) when a hot song comes on. Just thinking about it makes me excited for tomorrow's spin class! I've never had problems in the girlie area with bikes (many people do!), but there are gel seat covers or padded bike shorts to help with that. Your post makes me sad, cause I LOVE SPINNING!!

  10. I had an instructor once that did a Michael Jackson ride. 45 minutes of straight Michael Jackson! I can't stand MJ... so I popped my ipod on and rode to my own music. Not exactly ideal for following the class ride, but sometimes you do what you gotta do...

  11. Oh wow... Whitesnake? Yeah gina pain and spin bike seats are like peas and carrots. I wear my padded bike shorts when I spin. I thought I'd be a totaly dweeb, but other people do it. I think eventually your gina will die and lose all feeling.... at least I assume that's what happened to everyone else.

  12. Add me to the list of "get some padded cycling shorts" list would you. I got a pair of dhb cycling shorts, ones with the red padding ... my lady bits thanked me :-)

  13. All I can say to this is WOW :)

    And I truly laughed out loud!

  14. Oh dear. I have no advice for you! That's awful!!!! Music is important- I would totally switch instructors.

  15. Girl, you need bike shorts with a chamois. Did you know they make cycling skirts? I have three!

    Personally, my winter plan is to get a bike trainer for my basement. I've tried spin. I hate it. Much like running on a treader, I don't like to ride a fake bike :)

  16. ha! I've only done spin a few times but I had to get some padded shorts because my who hoo, hoo ha, or whatever you want to call it was totally numb by the the time I had been riding for 10 minutes. Brutal!! I'm fine with whatever they are playing.

  17. ow- i hate spinning for that reason :P thanks for linking up with me, and i am following you back from http://www.havesippywilltravel.com/

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