Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Longest Day Raffle Winners!

Good morning blog lovelies!  It's that magical day when we announce the names of those who have won prizes in our second annual Longest Day raffle.  We're excited to say that through all of our fundraising, we raised over $5,000 this year for the Alzheimer's Association!  We also ran a ton of miles and had a freaking blast doing it, but that's a story for another day.

This year, we decided to something a little different with the prizes.  If you're on this list, you have the opportunity to choose your own prize! 

Without further ado, congratulations to :
  • Suzanne Westenhofer
  • Kim Ilax Staff
  • Amy Zembroski
  • Matt Ebel
  • Cara Morrison
  • Kathy Maas
  • Alicia Burrill
  • Brian Kaufman
  • Cara Morrison
  • Amy Zynda
  • Suzanne Westenhofer
  • Amy Zynda
  • Bobbi Welch
  • Alicia Burrill
  • Kim Neher
  • Linda Schaack
  • Alyssa Niers
  • Julia Hubbard
  • Lisa Flaherty
  • Matt Ebel
  • Amy German
  • Sarah Jordan
  • Nikki Piepenburg
  • Gigi Becker

If you are one of the winners, please email your top 3-5 prize choices to If your prize choice is still available when your turn is reached, you will win that prize. If not, we will either contact you to choose again, or try our best to send you something you'll love!

Please also send us your shirt/pants size as well as we have a ton of awesome gear from Running Funky and Running Divas, as well as samples from GU for some of the winners as well!

One Handful Bra - your choice size/color (two winners!)
One pair Aspaeris shorts - you choice size/color
Six pairs of socks from Fitsok - size M (W 7-9 or M 6-8)
One Allied Medal Display - your choice
One black visor and black T-shirt from Road ID!  (choose M or XL)
Set of Gone for a Run bib coasters!
One headband and belt from One More Mile
One entry into Color Me Rad (5 winners)!
One hat or visor from Headsweats - (2 winners!)
Two pair of socks from Injinji (choose either small or medium) (two winners!)
Purple ProCompression socks!
One hat from Trailheads (3 winners!)
One bracelet from Inspired Endurance!
One free entry into Spartan race!
Thank you to all of our entrants, and also to all of the generous companies that donated products to our raffle.  If there was a prize you were really excited to see, please stop by their facebook page and thank them for helping us out!
On a personal note, this blog will be going dark for awhile.  Maybe someday I'll write about The Longest Day 2013, and I'll try to post the video when I'm done with it because it really was an amazing day that should be shared.  But for now it's time for me to take a giant step back from the blog world, thank you all for all of the love and support over the last couple of years, and bid you all a very fond farewell. 
xoxo, Kim


  1. I'm so glad I actually get to see you IRL or else I'd cry more about the blog going silent for a while.

  2. will miss your blog, but I totally understand. what you and Rachel accomplished was amazing - I do hope you write about it sometime.

    you are a rock star!

  3. Over 5K?! You go girls! So happy for you!!!!

    Aww! I am going to miss you. I am going to stalk you through Rachel. Okay? :)

    Ooo, my name is UBER close to the top!!! EXCITED!!!

  4. I'm so happy for you guys to have raised as much money as you did. That's wonderful!

    Congrats to all the winners!

  5. Sad to see you leave the blog. Sad to see I'm not a winner. But awesome job with the fundraiser and the running! Congrats to all the other winners.


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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