Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taking a Deuce on the Strip

Other than poop jokes, there isn't much in this world that I love more than a good play on words.

So imagine my surprise and delight when on our recent trip to Vegas my husband and I were trying to find our way downtown from the Strip and saw this:

Thank you, Vegas Gods.

That's right, one of the buses in Vegas is called "The Deuce." 

 As in, "Hey, did you want to take the Deuce on the Strip?".  

Also, "I think I feel the Deuce a'coming!"

Or, "Oh my god, the Deuce really smells like greasy food today!"

Endless entertainment.

Quick Vegas Recap

I slutted it up a bit to see a show:

Gotta be careful getting on the Deuce in this dress.

 Had a 36 oz fruity cocktail and saw Cirque du Soleil's "Love".

Why hello Sgt. Pepper, good thing for you my hands are filled with popcorn and booze or I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of you in that sexy fur hat.

Ate at one of the top rated buffets in the world.  I did not want to leave.  About 100 yards of individually prepared gourmet items... I am going to starve myself for a week before I go next time just to make sure I have enough room for it all...

I polished off about six of this delightful little berry covered espresso mouse cups.  Ohhh baby...

 Saw the world famous Heart Attack Grill:

Yes, everyone is in hospital gowns.  Good thing, because someone actually had a heart attack dining there a few weeks ago.

No comment.

That huge burger on the bottom would be the "Quadruple Bypass Burger" , fried in lard.  Luckily, they also sell filterless cigarettes because god knows your heart needs one after a meal like that.

We came, we gambled, we ate.  We loved it.

Vegas - ever been?  Love it or hate it?   - I have a love/hate relationship with Vegas, but I do love spending time with my hubby and people watching.

Heart Attack Grill - clever marketing or sick attempt at making light of serious health issues?


  1. I love Vegas, it is one of my most favorite cities. I had no idea the bus was called the Deuce though...that makes me giggle too!

  2. Butterfat shake? Barf-a-roni. Vegas is fun in small increments of time... I wish I could drag my hubbs.

  3. LOVE Vegas!! Hubs and I got married there and I think it's a real blast. I think Heart Attack Grill is gross! It's clever, but not really the greatest idea for our hugely obese country.

  4. Butter shakes? Holy shit that sounds gross.

    Who on EARTH thought naming a bus The Deuce was a good idea? WOW.

  5. I wish I could type some obnoxious whistle or cat call or something - girl looks good in that dress, ow-ow!
    Never been to Vegas - I wouldn't mind going for a day or two but I've been to Macau so many times, and it's basically the same I think. Even the hotels are made inch to inch the exact same.

  6. I like to say I hate Vegas but I have fun whenever I go. Running the strip early in the morning is kind of cool.

  7. Love Vegas- but only because my super favorite aunt and uncle live there. I don't drink and I'm too poor to see any of the shows or eat at most of the restaurants, so that part of it is "meh" to me.

    Ragnar Vegas freaking rocks though! :)

  8. Thanks for making me laugh after a long day at work! Has the deuce come yet?LOL!! Too many jokes for that one.

  9. I went to Vegas once a long time ago and I didn't care for it too much but I think I'd like it now that I'm older. My husband and I might go in December for the Rock N' Roll half marathon. You look so hot in that dress!


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