Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Good morning, and happy Tuesday!

  1. This morning, I did a track workout in the pitch black 5:00am hour, and got to use my new headlamp! There is something especially badass about running on a dark track - I loved it.  Unfortunately, my body was whiny, so I subbed a couple of easy miles for my planned 800m repeats.
      Princeton Tec (Headlamp) - Fuel White LED, Pink
      It's bright, it's girly, and it's not exceedingly comfortable.
  2. During my entrepreneurship class last night, I realized I hate it when people use the word "massaged" for anything but... well, a massage.  "We have done quite a bit of massaging to our business over the years..."  Sick.  I don't know.  I just picture some dude in a business suit at one of these places:   

  3. I was lucky enough to meet up with 8 of the 12 most awesome ladies ever this weekend (AKA, three quarters of my RAGNAR team!)             
      Linda, Jennifer, Amy Z1, moi, Falon, Lisa, Amy Z2, April

  4. I ran seven miles!  In a row!  During our Ragnar group run, I paired off with a sweet girl who is about 30 times faster than me, and I got my ass kicked for seven miles.  It was such a fun, challenging run.     
      Speed demon wannabe and bonafide speed demon.
  5. I'm in the process of working with a graphic designer on my new business logo - and it's so exciting!  Can't wait to share the finished product with you!!!

If given the choice, would you prefer to run with someone faster or slower than you?

Any normal words that creep you out?  In addition to "massage" in that context, "moist" grosses me out too.


  1. Moist is the worst word in the world.

    The second worst is "panties." just. ugh.

  2. Dang those are some hot ladies.

    I am so happy you ran 7 miles. And that they were crazy fast. Can't wait to see how you dominate at the halfs coming up!

    The word "Kim" creeps me out...

  3. That is an awesome impromptu stop light photo. I wonder who could have pulled that off?? You are totally speedy you rehabin' bitch you. I prefer a slightly faster runner to try and keep up with becase I usually will. Slightly faster though, not Amy Zem fast. :)SO FUN! MISS YO FACE!

  4. yesssss. omg. MOIST is TERRIBLE. that word is so awkward.

    you have been rocking the running friend!!! i am so happy to see you back at it in full force!!!

  5. I spent the first few years of my running career running with friends who are slower than I am, which led me to never pushing myself or challenging myself, so I never realized how fast I COULD be.

  6. At this point I could go for either. I enjoy cheering others on while running for those slower than me as I forget about the miles I'm running (thanks to you for doing it for me for all these years) and I could go for some butt kicking too!!

  7. I am just going to say I agree with almost all of the above comments!

  8. Penetrate. Seriously. I can't hear it and not crack up.

    I would choose faster than me- Gotta be pushed! Better than slowing down for someone all the time.

  9. I too hate the word moist. And I actually hate the word panty which is funny because I read on Rachel's blog you guys are the "Panty Raiders" but for some reason it doesn't bother me in that context and I think it is a really funny team name.

    Way to go on the 7 miles! I sometimes like to run with faster runners but not for 7 miles.

  10. When my MIL referes to my daughter's underpants as "panties" it makes my skin crawl.

    Underpants is underpants, yo.


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