Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Post-Race Fun

After Rachel and I were done with the race, we grabbed some beers and scarfed down some brats, and headed back out on the course to cheer for the (mostly) marathoners.

We found a sweet spot at mile 26, and cheered our hearts out for the runners.  I was surprised by how strong most people looked, including this one guy who was running towards us.

But then, he abruptly stopped and said "I can't do it!" and started laughing a little hysterically.  I wasn't sure what was going on with him, and I said, "C'mon buddy, it's just a quarter mile left, can you walk it in?"  He told us he couldn't feel or move his leg, that it was completely cramped up.  He tried to take a step, but screamed when he put any weight on his leg.

He stood there for about five minutes, looking incredulously around at the other runners.   The look on his face was clearly "What the f*** planet am I on right now?"  His shouts of pain were interspersed with this manic laughter, and Rachel and I asked each other what we could do.  We offered to walk him in with his arms around us, but I didn't know if that would DQ him, or if he even cared.

A few minutes later, he started hobbling towards the finish, and we cheered for him as he ambled away.

We were waiting to see Jess , when the Leg Cramp Man came up behind us and said "I made it!", and made some fairly awkward small talk with us for a few minutes.  The guy was super nice, but seriously, I just kept thinking he was going to keel over at any minute.

Just a few minutes after that, we saw Jess run by looking strong, and we headed back to the finish to congratulate her.

On our way, we saw something glorious:

Lucky for you, I decided to act out the latter.
What I would give to know the story behind this boat name.

Final thoughts on the Wisconsin Marathon and Half Marathon:

This is a top-notch, beautiful race.  In a world of overpriced races, this one is a bargain at $68 for the full and $48 for the half, and you get so much for your entry fee.  A very cool, unique, gender-specific tech tee, a beer and brat post-race, and by far the best medal I have ever gotten:

It's awesome, and it doubles a bottle opener, and we put it to good use. 

On top of that, the course is just gorgeous - varied terrain, mostly along Lake Michigan, super enthusiastic spectators and ultra-helpful volunteers.

I will be back.  Oh yes, I will back.

Have you ever seen anything crazy like Leg Cramp Man at a race?

What's your favorite marathon/half-marathon?  Did I convince you to take a trip to the Dairyland?


  1. you forgot to write about the girl with the most horrific chafing ever.

  2. Is that an Army PT jacket? If so, I have a couple to match that!

    I do believe you have convinced me to run this race next year!

  3. I'm in for next year on this one! You two looked like you had so much fun.

    Thank for the image of your crapping face :)

  4. Yeah I'm pretty sure I need to run this race next year as it sounds most excellent!

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