Thursday, May 3, 2012

Race Goals and Things I Hate Thursday!

Pretty exciting day for me guys... it's been a long time since the last edition of Things I Hate Thursday.

But first, let's talk numbers for Saturday.  I'm running the Wisconsin Half Marathon in Kenosha, and I'm trying to nail down a few goals without having a damn anxiety attack.

Here are the key pieces of information:

  1. My last half was in August of 2011, and I ran it in 1:59 and change, which is a 9:05 pace.  
  2. My training the last few weeks has been really crappy.
  3. My last race was two weeks ago: a 6.75 mile relay that I ran at an 8:20 pace, and I felt great.
  4. My last long run was a month ago: a 10 miler at a 8:55 pace, and I felt great.
  5. I am terrified of running a half because my last one was so horrible and painful.  I've never come so close to dropping out of a race.

So, I guess my goals are:

C Goal - Finish happy and strong, under 2:05 (9:27 pace)
B Goal - Under 2 hours (9:09 pace)                 
A Goal - Under 1:58 (9:00 pace)

I keep going back and forth - are these goals too lofty?  Too conservative?  Should I not even think about the time goal and focus on enjoying the race?

I feel undertrained and not mentally focused.  I need to focus and get some inspiration over the next few days.  I want to run this race strong.  

And now... 

You know what I just f*cking hate?  That stupid tissue paper that covers exam room tables in doctor's offices.  It's loud, and it laughs at all of my insecurities and I hate it.  

I swear that crinkly sound of that damn paper could be the soundtrack to my own personal horror movie.  Scary medical procedures, rusty needles, that clown from "It".  <shudder>

You know what's even worse than doctor's office tissue paper?  Chiropractor tissue paper.  Every time I go in to the chiro, I have to lie face down on that stupid table, and my face rests on that little square foot of shame.  

Not so bad when you're lying there, but then you have to get up and see the greasy face-print that's staring up at you.   I always feel like I should make some comment to the chiro: "Hey, that's a framer." or "Just kidding, I put a bunch of oil on my face before I got here just to see your reaction..."

If someone wanted to really complete this circle of torture for me, they should put that paper on the benches at the gym.  I'd venture to say that the shame of the greasy face-print would pale in comparison to the sweaty ass-print. 


  1. Bahaha too funny on the doctor's paper!
    Wow, you're running fast. I say go for a PR ... unless you start feeling pain. Then back off. GO FOR THE BIG CHEESE GIRL!

  2. ohhh TIHT! How I have missed thee!

    I hate that paper at the Chiro too. Last time I managed to drool all over it while I was face down. There's no way of talking yourself out of that one!

  3. I hate that I rip up the paper when I get off the table! Please tell me that happens to everyone?

    I say #1 goal HAVE FUN then I think time goals are totally doable :)

  4. I say ditch the time goal and just have a good time.

    I've had some of my best races on days that I decided I didn't give a rip about the time :)

    This Saturday I'm doing the Door County half. I want the weather to be good because it's such a beautiful course, but I can honestly say I don't give a crap about my time. I'm doing this race for fun and a nice T-shirt, and that's it!

  5. Good Luck during your half. You will knjow what goal to shot for race day I am sure. Main thing Have some fun!!!

  6. some of the best races come out of a "WTF" attitude in which you go out to run a solid race - you care, but you don't care in a crazy way - forget the time and just go for a race that gives you satisfaction of a finish :)

  7. Ba ha ha! I'm the oiliest SOB that ever lived, so I totally get you on this one.

    I say enjoy the race. Doesn't sound like you were able to have optimal "training", so just enjoy yourself and maybe try to hit a race hard later in the season. The last thing you want to do is go to hard and hurt yourself again!

  8. yet again, you are brilliant.

    i had the same fears about my half, having been plagued with injuries over the past year. i set some lofty goals for myself before hand, but when i got to the starting line, i just decided to run steady and try to do the whole thing without acquiring any new injuries.

    i'll be thinking about you tomorrow! you are stronger than you give yourself credit for you. YOU CAN TOTALLY F*CKING DO THIS!

  9. Haha! I feel your pain on the paper at the doctor's office! Our kiddo has been battling cancer for 4.5 years now, and he always tells the oncologists how horrible that exam table paper is...



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