Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Monday to me... and a winner.

As I was clearing off the boys' trays after breakfast this morning, I heard the unmistakable sound of something being dropped on the hardwood floor.  Not one big thing... more like the rain-like sound of a a million little things.

Here kitty kitty.

Somehow my little devils had gotten the cat food container out of the closet, opened it up, and spilled it.  

There was a lot of cat food.

Luckily, my obese kitty Gilligan is completely deaf and was unaware of this ruckus, or he would have waddled over and gorged himself... probably until he exploded.  I guess at 15 years old, it wouldn't have been the worst way for him to go... but for now he lives to see another day.


Thank you everyone who entered to win the necklace from White Lilie Designs.  Rafflecopter and picked the winner....

Congratulations Elizabeth!!

Today, I'm very excited for run #6 of my grand comeback - wish me luck!  :)


  1. YAY! ....I hate when animal kibble spills

  2. My crazy cat (who is overweight) got so excited when i got a new bag of food he jumped into it and made me spill it all over trying to get him out. WHat a mess but I was laughing so hard, he thought he was starving after one day of no food.

  3. Good luck with #6 and congrats to Elizabeth.

    Love your cat story. We are getting ready to move off the boat and head to our winter house and kitty sit on Wednesday. 2 wily felines there and I am so looking forward to it!

  4. ha ha funny about the cat food spill. My dog is the same way as your cat. She is not obese but she LOVES to eat.

    Good luck with the run. :)

  5. Ahh...that sound of "oh crap!" I did that recently with coffee. It wasn't awesome. Good luck on your run!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Also, what a mess with the kibble! I've got a little dog Sealy who LOVES kibble straight out of the bag- it's like she thinks it tastes better or something? She goes nuts whenever I fill up her jar, especially if I spill some. :)

  7. Oh man! Looks like they were able to drag it down the hall a good distance before they spilled it too. Those mischief makers!

    If only Gilligan would have hear it, he would have been so happy! Leo and Sox would have been there before the first nugget spilled.

  8. I could totally "hear" that sound as you described it. I have to carry my little dog up the stairs with her bowl of food when it's time to eat cause she's too little make it up herself, and she always tries to jump out of my arms before we're at the top and dumps the food and it drives me crazy!

    Hope your run was fantastic! :)

  9. Oh I have so been there. It was like "why are the kids so quiet" CRASH! We had to fight off the cat and three dogs, who far prefer cat food to dog food. Glad Gilligan was unaware!!

    Can't wait to hear about run #6. Hope it was awesome and pain free!!!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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