Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas Elves and Tiny Foam Rollers

Hey, good morning.

You guys have heard of "Elf on the Shelf", right?

Basically, it's a tiny elf that prepares your child for a life of constant criticism and ubiquitous surveillance.

Oh, what I meant to say is it's a fun holiday tradition that involves putting a tiny overpriced elf in different places in your house to remind your children not to be naughty, or the elf will report back to Santa when it makes its nightly flight back to the North Pole.

So anyway, the idea has evolved into putting the elf in naughty situations around the house, and people get pretty creative with this thing:

Elf knows how to partayyyy

Oh yeah.  Get some you smily little bastard.

IMG 05731 300x200 Hilarious! Elf on the Shelf in Compromising Positions
It was the wine.

It's a rough life.

So, anyway, we don't do this tradition, mainly because I can scare my children adequately on my own thankyouverymuch, but also because hell if I'm going to waste an entire bag of mini-marshmallows on a sink bath for a creepy little doll.

But, I nearly reconsidered as I was spending some quality time with my foam roller the other day and saw a piece from the kids' foam block set:

If I had an Elf on the Shelf, you can bet my kids would be waking up to him working on his IT bands.

Had you heard of Elf on the Shelf?  

Do you have any ridiculous holiday traditions?


  1. Those pictures are hilarious! I suddenly want to take a mini-marshmallow bath.

    One of my co-workers does Elf on the Shelf for her kid, but her kid is the most well-behaved kid all the time anyway. I don't get it.

    All my mom had to say year round is "Santa/Jesus is watching you" and that would set me straight pretty quickly. I had a lot of shame based on invisible dudes.

  2. I had never heard of the elf until I moved to the midwest and then pinterest. Truthfully, it scares me a bit! My friend saw it and said as a kid, if he had known this little doll had kept him from getting presents he would have beat the sh*t out of it - I laughed so hard I cried :)

  3. I want to do the Elf thing, just to make sure my children will need therapy. I'm a job creator, yo.


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