Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portion Size Hilarity

Morning morning happy blogger friends!

We've all had a portion-size surprise (what's up, sweet rhyming!).. but this one takes the cake.  Or the bread.

Check this out. 

Eat me, I'm tasty carb-filled goodness..
It's a French Bread Soup Bowl.  I know this thing is going to be more than one serving (although I'll eat that whole bad boy right up with some minestrone... mmmm)

How many?  Two, three?  I thought.... four.  Four servings is a safe bet. 

Well, no.  Not even close.  But hey, at least if they can mislead you on the portion sizes, they can do it with stellar math, right?

Ha!  This made me laugh out loud. 

Just so you guys know for future reference.... 1/12 = 1/24. 

I'm embarrassed for them... in fact, I'm so embarrassed for them I'd like to call up Breadsmith and verbally assault them for their stupidity and lack of  PROOFREADING!

Well, I guess sometimes I confuse the word "embarrassed" with "under the influence of hormonal rage due to violent PMS". 

Either way.

So, on the agenda today is a 2.5 mile tempo run at an 8:15 pace.  I'm terrified.  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Sooo that bread bowl is somewhere between 840 and 1680 calories? Wow. You should totally say something to them, because that's just crazy. *I hope it's closer to the 840 calories for the sake of bread bowl enjoyment!!!

  2. So which one is it?? You should call even if it's just to clarify. That is completely crazy. Also, who knew there were so many calories in a bread bowl. I should have known. They're way too delicious.

  3. Bahaha! Wow, that's still a ton of calories in a bread bowl. Good luck on your run!

  4. Insane! I would know it has a lot of calories, but who are they fooling with 12 (or 24) serving sizes? COME ON!

  5. bahaha. that is definitely hilarious. how is it NOT just ONE serving though...I mean seriously. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RUN...I am sure you pretty much rocked it :)


    That is hilarious - just goes to show you need to read those labels :)

    That is crazy. So did you enjoy?? Good for you if you did! :)

    Good luck on tempo's....

    PS thank you for your motivational comments... I so so appreciate it!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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