Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stress Fracture Schmess Schmacture

Hey, good morning.  Just want to take moment to thank all of you who read and comment on my blog - I love this community.  The comments on my post about my dad last week meant a lot, and I loved the insightful thoughts on my post yesterday about discriminating against smokers.  I'd love to hear some contrary opinions on that one - so if you didn't like the post, let me know!

You may remember from my weeks of obsessing and whining about my leg that I have a femoral stress fracture.  It happened in August, was diagnosed in September, and I was told no running until mid-December.  If you're so inclined, read about it here and here.

Well, guess what?  I have trouble with authority, and I think I know better than doctors.  (Yes, the school-skipping, cynical child-Kim was a delight for my parents to raise, I'm sure).  But, really, I have never read ANYTHING that supports taking four full months off for a stress fracture, so if you know something that I need to be taking into consideration, I need to know.  Please.

Here's the deal - I have no pain.  Starting in September, I started walking briskly (love that word, reminds me of chewing on snow.. crunch crunch) three times per week on my buddy the treadmill.  I started off with 15 minutes, and gradually increased to 60 minutes.  Now I have walked for 60 minutes, three times a week, for two weeks, no pain. 

So, don't you think I'm ready for a little running?  Right?  On Thursday, I'm going to start my awesome stress fracture recovery program modified from this one, which starts with 10 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of running, 5 walking, 5 running.  It does the walk/run thing for three weeks, and at the end I'll be running about a half an hour at a time.  Sounds easy-peasy right? 

What do you think?  Am I ready for some running, or should I shut up, sit down, and listen to my doctor?


  1. Oh this is a tricky one! I know you are antsy but how bad would it suck to re-injure yourself and prolong the recovery. Maybe get a second opinion if you think your doc is too cautious. I have never had a stress fracture and I haven't ever gone to medical school so basically I really don't know what I am talking about. So maybe just ignore my comment ;)

  2. I tend to go to the conservative side. Is there any other activity (like swimming) that you could do that might be less stressful on the injury?

    The risk is (as you know) you get back in the game too soon and you're looking at an even longer recovery period.

  3. i agree that its scary to think that you may end up hurting worse in the long run of things...but i understand as well that you are itching to get back out there. ummm yeah. plus i am not sure there is a single doctor that I have EVER listened to so I am probably not the best to give advice either way ;) just the typical "be smart, listen to your body" probably applies here though! good luck! i hope it works out for you!

  4. i did the pfizinger thing after 5 weeks off. i was initially told to take 8 weeks off, but did the "hop test" and the walking-60-minutes-sans-pain before starting the pfizinger plan.

    listen to your body. first sign of pain, stop. you don't want a bigger set back.

    from one mama to another,

  5. Personally I have been told it is okay to run as long as you don't feel any pain. As soon as you feel any twinge of pain stop immediately. With that said I would definitely stick to flat surfice and "slow & easy" running. Best of luck!

  6. BE. SO. CAREFUL. Although I think 4 months is a little extreme, I would say you should wait at least 2 months after the diagnosis (because that is pretty much when you quit running altogether, yes?) Just think about Hungryrunnergirl and how it has taken her over 8 MONTHS to come back from hers. I think brisk walking 3-4 days a week for an hour is good for at least a couple more weeks.

    And, I thought of you as I bought my calcium supplement yesterday!!!!! :)

    PS- On the smoker thing- As I've thought about it, the biggest difference between obesity and smoking is that the food is only affecting the one person directly while second hand smoke is proven to be very dangerous to others. Just a thought! Still no reason to treat others poorly.

  7. I've never had a stress fracture, but, I did have a tendon issue with my ankle two years ago, and I, um....half listened to my doctor, and ran more than I should have, which led to me being limpy (but running!) for six months, instead of not running and healing faster.

    Which isn't an argument in either direction.

  8. I want to say yes! Take it easy and run according to how you feel. But, I'm scared Kim. Scared you'll get hurt worse and not be on the world's coolest ragnar team. Ugh I bet you're going nuts... four months no running is crazy.

  9. I suggest following exactly what your doctors says to do. That's the best advice!

  10. I say chug 3 vodka tonics and run like hell. Or my offer to carry you piggyback style is still on the table.

    You know what it felt like to run on it when you were hurt, so you know when to stop if you feel it again. :)

  11. I would listen to the doctor, I would rather miss 2 months then miss years because I injuried it more


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