Monday, October 31, 2011

Well, I Made it Eleven Weeks

I tried to make it the full four months, I really did.  Kind of.

I went out yesterday for a short walk/run, and ended up doing 10 minutes of walking, 5 running, 5 walking, 5 running, 5 walking, with no pain.

After that run, I felt pretty gung-ho to start Pfitzinger's stress fracture recovery program, but I woke up this morning to some thoughtful comments to a question I posted on a running forum.  The comments basically said the same thing:  it's better to be overcautious then wind up with a setback, and that there are plenty of other sidelined runners who feel my frustration.

Perhaps it is better to wait it out a bit longer... I'm just not sure.

This injury is bringing out a different side of my personality.  Normally, I'm pretty secure in my opinions, and prefer to research an issue endlessly than bring it up to someone for advice, but recently, I've been seeking medical advice from anyone that crosses my path.

This new trait was clearly displayed a few weeks ago - I was at a relatives house who is not a runner, doesn't know anything about running, and there I was, hopping up and down on my injured leg like a lunatic, frantically saying, "See?  See?  Don't you think I could run on this?"

Please.  There are worse things than being sidelined for another few weeks (like being a whiny moron).  Besides, since I'm not really an "athlete" right now, I can continue to enjoy my breakfasts of champions:  Halloween candy and a glass of chocolate milk in my inspiring pint glass.

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  1. I wouldn't rush back into it! You don't want to be out even longer.

  2. Injury brings out funny sides to our personality for sure! Yes, give it time. No need to rush.

  3. But I understand the rushing it too! Oh, I've been there. :) Thinking of you!

  4. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  5. I hate to say wait...but wait. I learned in Kindergarten: better safe than sorry! Are you taking the kids trick or treating tonight? What are they going to be?

  6. It's good that you ran with no pain. Allow that victory to tide you over for another week or two. Trying to run again soon might stress your body out too much.

    Basically: take it easy, but don't give up. Just...stretch out your runs right now.

  7. That pint glass is awesome. You are awesome and I cannot iamgine how restless you feel. Makes me feel like a lameo to puss out and not run on my perfectly healthy femur.

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  9. Another setback is definitely the LAST thing you want. It's so hard to hold back and to not run. I guess the only thing I can say is that I would say it is best to listen to your doctor, and pretend like the elliptical is the new track? Hang in there! You had freaking twins- you can hold out on this for a few more weeks.

  10. It's hard because I know how much you want to run and of course me being selfish wants you to run so we can do super fun races like the good old days. But of course a few more weeks in the grand scheme of things is much less horrible than another injury. And that is me trying to be logical.


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