Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Recap and the Cutest Kids Ever.

I have been ridiculously excited to do this recap since I emailed Tonia to ask her if I could take inspiration from blatantly steal her recap post format... months ago.  

January was to be my grand return to running, but it wasn't meant to be:
Run Miles Planned/Miles Ran: 60.7/ 27  - Balls.   This month got off to such a great start, but then my dumb pelvis had to thrust it's way into things.  That's what she said?  

Spin classes Planned/Attended: 4/ 3 - Eh.  Not bad.  I missed the one due to two toddlers with night terrors that kept me up until my alarm went off at 4:40 am.  

Swim Meters Planned/Meters Swam: 2400 m/ 6200m - I KICKED ASS!    I'm really happy with the way swimming is going, and I am so grateful to KDUB for hosting the 70.3 challenge which helped me get over the proverbial hump and start swimming more than a few laps at a time.

Rest Days Planned/Rest Days Taken: as many as I need/<----- good thing I wrote that because I took 11.  Might have been a bit of discouraged-induced laziness at work here.  But, I suppose it's better than worsening my injuries.

Highest Run Mileage Week: 10.5.  I was so proud of my double digits.  Come back to me.....

Fitness Classes Planned/Attended: 10 / 5 - Man, these figures all look like hell when I write them out!  We'll see if this post makes a repeat for February, this is freaking brutal!  Really though, I dropped the twice weekly core class because I'm pretty sure my friend and I were the only ones under the age of 87.  OK.  Not really, but it was an easy class geared toward the older set.

Races Completed:  Ahhh, none.  

Current Book:  The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  Excellent, excellent book.  Highly recommend it.

Current Song: It's gotta be Dave Matthews Band, Say Goodbye.  Find me a sexier song, seriously.  My god.

Current Triumph:  I may have run yesterday.  And it might have been incredible.  And I might have jumped and danced around a bit more than was socially acceptable on a group run.

Current Goal:  Run. Remain injury free.

Current Happiness:  My kids.  (This would be the cutest kids ever part.)

2012 Goals 

  • Run 1,000 miles in 2012 - 27 miles so far.  Woo!  :)
  • Run a sub 1:55 half marathon 
  • Get a new 5k PR - current PR 23:17 
  • Complete a triathlon
  • Run Ragnar Madison to Chicago relay.
  • NO MORE STRESS FRACTURES! - through January - none so far!  

  • Join Toastmasters to face my fear of public speaking. - I went to one meeting, but haven't taken the plunge.
  • Pass the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer exam.
  • Knock out at least eight items on my "Fear Can Suck It" list. - Completed: #9 (Jan)


  1. They are incredibly cute!!! That is still a dang good month, especially considering the injury. Yay for a good run! I did the same thing on Monday.

  2. Nice job keeping your chin up! OMG, cutest kids ever for sure :)

  3. Cuteness. Seriously adorable. Glad you had an awesome run!

  4. Those are my super smart, incredibly handsome, nephews! Can't wait to see them soon.

    I like this recap format. Keep up the awesome work honey.

  5. Aww how sweet! Great job with your run!

  6. Ohhhh myyyy gosh!!!!!

    They are absolutely adorable!

  7. Those are two of the cutest little boys I've ever seen. What a cute video!

  8. Oh, your twins are so cute. I loved the champagne cork. Pop, pop. Oh and thanks for the book recommendation. I have been striking out with books I've been picking lately. I need a good one!

  9. Loved the Glass Castle as well, read that one this summer :) You should try Whistling in the Dark if you haven't read it yet.

    Congrats on a great run!!

  10. the boys are soooo smart! Love that video!


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