Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just What I Needed

Turns out, recovering from running an ultra wasn't quite as easy as I thought.

A month later, I haven't been having too many aches or pains, my blisters are almost healed, but my runs have been lackluster and draining.

I've run a dozen or so times in the last month, including two interval sessions and a shittastic 13 miler that left me super demoralized.

Today I got an unexpected hour reprieve from stay-at-home motherhood, and I took advantage of it with a fully loaded iPod and ran a hilly four miler in my neighborhood.

A few minutes in I noticed I was grooving a bit to the music.  And smiling.  I was having fun.  On a run.  F*ck yeah.

Then, this came blasting through my earphones:

gotta get that boom boom pow

And you know that part where she goes "Will.i.am... drop the beat now.." and it gets all crazy awesome?   Well my dance moves got crazy awesome.  I busted out some sweet runner-dance moves and the ONE car I saw the entire run was some lady in a pick-up truck who passed right as I was dancing and yelled "Shake it baby!"  Seriously.

I've got a 16 coming up with Rachel and Mattie this weekend.  Rachel's been just freaking rocking her long runs recently, so I'm looking forward basking in some of her positive energy and finishing happy and strong.

How do you get out of the running doldrums?   

What's your fav running song?


  1. I love running to the Little Shop of Horrors sound track. On my long runs I sing along, spectators be damned.

  2. I'm so 2000 and 8, you so 2000 and late!

    That's one of my favorites too. I'm sure I get caught a lot by drivers siging or dancing along to my ipod. So glad you had a fun run honey!

  3. Love it! Such spunk...rock it girl! So glad you had one of these kind of runs.

  4. Can so visualize this, and it makes me smile. Keep rockin girl!

  5. Sooo glad to hear you had an enjoyable run!!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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