Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In 10 Days...

I'll be running my first marathon!

Fox Cities Marathon

This is a super cool race because the course runs through seven towns/cities near where I live.  It's pretty much flat, and is run mostly through neighborhoods, parks, and tiny downtown areas.   It's known for the enthusiasm of the volunteers and spectators (of which I was one last year).

Spectating glory, FCM 2011
It has a half marathon that starts at the same time, and the two events together draw about 4,500 participants, so it's a great mid-sized race.   It also is the storied location where Rachel lost her marathon virginity... and I can't wait to follow in her slutty running footsteps.

My training has been.... ok.  Pretty good.  I've never been able to consistently run as long as I have (about 8 months and counting...) without injury, and my running has improved quite a bit.  This year, I've taken four minutes off of my half marathon PR, and more than 30 seconds of my 5k time, and I've been itching to race again.  

That said, I have missed a few mid-week runs (and my long run this weekend, whoops), and I'm deep in the taper-doubt I know a lot of you are familiar with.  

Here's my training for the last 10 weeks:

For a lot of runners, my mileage is low, but for me it's really good.  Until this year I never ran more than 20 miles in a week as I was always injured, and I'm so grateful for this higher mileage weeks.  Over the past two months, I've had fairly consistent mileage and gotten in two 20s and an 18, and they all went really well.

So, that was my pep talk for myself.  Brace yourself for the onslaught of doubt and panic that will surely invade your computer screen over the next 240 hours... and also get ready for the best idea for a race sign.  Ever.

Lay it on me:  advice for a first time marathoner.  I want to hear it all.


  1. Your weekly mileage is very similar to mine. I've missed a weekly run here and there and last week I skipped my long run after the humidity killed me after only 3 small tiny miles in. I can't wait to see you cross that finish line!! I also can't wait for the beers that we will consume after as well.

  2. I can't wait for you to follow in my slutty footsteps as well...sinner.

    Yay! Marathon time! You are going to do so great, I can't wait to cheer for you all day. I might buy some pom pons!

  3. Enjoy it!!! The training is the work and the race is the reward. I can't wait to hear all about it! It was such a life changing moment for me when I completed my first marathon. I hope you love it as much as I did.

    And congrats on being injury free for 8 months! That's incredible.

  4. You have prepared for this and you will do GREAT!! Can't wait to cheer you on once the half is over with.

  5. My advice is to NOT BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. Marathons are a big fucking deal. You are ready so just let those miles unfold. xo

  6. eeeeekkkkkkkk!!!! can barely wait for you to run this! my advice is to enjoy every single step. yeah some moments will be awesome and some will be tough but you only get one first marathon...enjoy the good along with the bad and it will be an amazing lifelong memory!

  7. Yay! You are almost there! My mileage each week is pretty low too so I understand where you are coming from.


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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