Friday, September 21, 2012

The Plan, Stan

In exactly forty-eight hours, I'll be almost done with my first marathon.

I'm getting excited.

The sleep-deprivation induced apathy that has settled on me this week is finally ebbing away.   The kids have not been even close to sleeping through the night, and I've been in a fog for days.  But after a couple of solid nights of sleep, I feel more wired, more anxious, more ready to run.  I find myself thinking a few times a day, "I wish it was HERE already!"

Deep in taper madness (with still two days to go!), I find myself increasingly focused on logistics.  The pace calculator at Cool Running has become my new best buddy, and I've been poring over DailyMile logs like they're going to unlock the secrets of the universe.

So, here's the plan:

***First and foremost, I want to have fun.  I want to appreciate the beautiful course, the spectators, the glorious weather(!), and my fellow runners.***

Hippie blissful runner-speak aside,  I have to face my demons and realize I'm not, nor will ever be, a runner that's content to just run a race to run it.  I do have a time goal, and yes, I know how inadvisable that is for a first marathon.

Instead of the regular A, B, and C goals, I'll just put out there my real, honest goal.


Here's how I'm going to get there:

  • Run the first 10 miles no faster than 9:45s, but probably closer to low tens.
  • At the half, if I feel like it, I'll pick up the pace to closer to 9:30s (my long run pace)
  • At mile 20, pick it up gradually every mile and progression run the shit out of that marathon.
  • Drink early and often.
  • Eat pretzels, ShotBloks, and Starburst and hope I don't crap myself.
So that's that.  Either all of that will happen, or I'll just blow up and have to crawl the last 10 miles.  Either way, should make for a good blog post on Monday, right?

Really though, this is one of those rare races where the thing I care most about is feeling good at the end.  Mainly because, well, it's a FREAKING MARATHON, and because of the number of failed attempts at this beast I've had over the past few years.

I had planned to run this same marathon in 2009:
Got knocked up.


Giant funbags + infant twins = not fun training


Femoral stress fracture

And now here I am about to actually run it.  I feel incredibly lucky.  


Tell me it'll all be ok, ok?  Any last minute advice for me?


  1. I don't have any advised but I am excited just reading this because I signed for my first marathon yesterday. Like you I had plans to run my first marathon in 2010 and 2011 but because of issues with my health, I was not able to. So looking forward to it though, and even more to your race recap. Good luck!

  2. It will be ok! Excited to see you rock it! Your plan? sounds perfect.

    I will be there for the half. The weather sounds as perfect as it could be. GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Great attitude to both enjoy it AND have a time goal. Definitely focus on the fun. Soak it'll never have another first.

    One piece of advice I can offer after having run 12 is this: Marathons don't have to be "all or nothing". If you can't knock the shit out of miles 20-26.2, don't beat yourself up or feel like you've failed. Just go to plan B.

    And if you don't have a plan B, you have a day or so to think of one. It's easier to have a plan B before you hit a rough patch (not during).

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

  4. My only advice is this: Do not get married to your time goal.

    My first instinct is to think you're going to beat it, but 26.2 miles is a long ass way and almost anything can happen. If you think too much about the time, you'll miss the fun :)

    You made it to the start line! I'm so proud of you! That's the hard part, you know.

  5. My advice - just go and have fun. Let go of time!

  6. IT WON'T BE OKAY... IT'LL BE SOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN OKAY! You are ready! This marathon in your bitch, your bitch! My only advice is to enjoy the hell out of it. You only get one FIRST marathon, but you have the rest of your days to get better at it. XOXO

  7. Oh, one more thing... try not to barf your guts out all the time like someeee people. I think it'll be more fun if you don't.

  8. Falon, was that a knock at me? You bitch.

    Kimmy you will do so good on Sunday, mostly because I will be there to cheer you on. :) But really, you've had an awesome running year and this will be the cherry on top!

  9. Yes! You will be okay! And you will have fun and you will feel great! Smile, take it all in, high five little kids, thank the volunteers, take the food people hand you off the streets, pose funny for photographers... just have fun! You will :) Can't wait to hear about it!

  10. It has been a really long journey and this marathon will be over before you know it so try to enjoy it. You've got this!!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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