Thursday, September 29, 2011

Charity Case and Things I Hate Thursday

Question for you this fine Thursday morning...

What is the charity YOU love to support? 

My husband and I prefer to make a couple of larger (ha, as in one-income-two-kids-in-diapers large) gifts at the end of the year instead of doing the $20 here and $20 there thing throughout the year.  I am having a lot of trouble deciding which charity to support - there are so many great ones, and a lot of mediocre ones too.  We usually support St. Jude's, MS Research, and our local humane association, but I really want to hear what is close to your heart.

So out with it, if you had one million dollars, and you had to give it all to one or two charities, who would you choose?

And now....

I usually don't talk about my traffic beefs on here because I have so many of them, and we all complain about idiot drivers, but I have seen this issue so many times over the past few days - it's like a sign from the traffic gods to put it on my blog.

OK.  Picture this.  You're driving along and the car in front of you kindly puts on his turn signal to make a right turn.  You move to the left to go around him, when suddenly, he swerves wildly to the left before swinging into his hard right turn.


Listen buddy, it's not like swinging first to the left and then turning to the right is going to launch you at hypersonic speed into your 25 mph turn... Oh you go you big fast driver you.  Why don't you go home, park your ass in your easy chair, get out the Budweiser and Slim Jims, spark up a Marb Red, flip on NASCAR, and pretend you're the one in the jumpsuit going fast and turning left.

Or maybe I've got this one wrong.  Maybe it's not the race car driver wannabes (even though I see this phenomenon primarily with tooth-challenged hairy men in big red pickup trucks with the race car numbers and the stupid cartoon pee-on (ex-wife, Chevy-Ford-Dodge, liberals) on the back. 

Maybe it's the Star Wars generation.  Maybe they really do think there is some sort of gravitational slingshot phenomenon whereby the relative motion of the vehicle is accelerated in some variety of orbital angular momentum.  If that's the case, he's a drawing for the nerds to clear up that misconception:


  1. I would have guessed they were really old. I never knew NASCAR and Star Wars lovers were also known for their horrid driving! I love the picture. We are also in the one income, two kids (no diapers)boat. We tend to spread it out but I like your idea of one big check...but like you I wouldn't be able to choose.

  2. We like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) and the ASPCA. Two things near and dear to our hearts :)

    Habitat for Humanity is another good one.

    I totally get you with the right turn crazy people. I also hate when they all of a sudden decide they actually DON'T want to turn right and merge back into traffic. Yeah, cause no one was behind you buddy. Do whatever you want!

  3. Oh it would be so hard for me to pick just one charity. I really try to run races for charities. I am very passionate about organ donation though and if I had to pick just one that would probably be it. :)

  4. I HATE the "pee on" stickers! So white trash. As for charities... I give 10% of my income to my church and they use it for all kinds of good throughout the world- humanitarian, education funds, etc. If I had to choose something besides my church, I would go for either the Red Cross, or Cancer Research. Just make sure it's someplace that 100% of the funds goes to the charity! Good for you for donating!

  5. OMG, love the picture...yep, lots of "dumb ass drivers" out there for sure. Yesterday, I watched someone w/ their right signal on as they turned left. Things that make you go HMMMMM....

    On the charity question, I think I would split it up. MS and STroke come to mind as worthy causes (not saying others aren't!). My husband I are also part of a race committee in our town that raises money for Melanoma. So sometimes, it doesn't have to be the money you give, but the time :)

    Great question and great post!

  6. Those drives are probably texting while turning. Nice picture!

    I'm partial to the Children's Cancer Association, nothing better than bringing a smile to a sick child's face!

  7. First of all, I think you used Star Wars in a negative context, and I kind of resent you for that. I'm a nerd, ya know.

    Secondly, I second Rachel's suggestion of the ASPCA or even your local animal shelter! Also, what about food pantries/soup kitchens in your area?

    Otherwise, for bigger organizations, I suggest Bethany Christian Services, The Red Cross, To Write Love on Her Arms, Invisible Children, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Cancer Society.

  8. I would give to Live strong

    What you describe is what scares me the most while I am biking


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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