Monday, January 9, 2012

I Gotta Feeling...

That this week's gonna be a good, good week.

You can thank me later when your brain is taken over by the Black Eyed Peas.

Have you guys seen that site... Unhear It?  When you have a song stuck in your head, you can go to this website and they'll play you another super-catchy song to get something else stuck in your head.  Weirdly addicting... and mildly irritating.  The first song they played for me is "Electric Avenue."  Must.  Find.  New.  Song.

Anyway, I'm pumped because the new session of classes starts this week.   I'll be getting up in the ungodly four o'clock hour and hauling my buns to the Y for a class each morning.

Last week turned out to be great fitness-wise, and I've got a good plan for this week:

Week in Review: 1/2-1/8

        • Monday:  Biked 10 miles, Swam 500m. 
        • Tuesday: Ran/walked 3 miles in 34 minutes/ Biked 5 miles
        • Wednesday:  1 hour Spin Class, Swam 550 m 
        • Thursday: Ran/walked 3 miles in 30 minutes
        • Friday:   Rest
        • Saturday:   Swam 1050m.
        • Sunday: Ran 3 miles in 28:02 minutes.
Total Run Mileage: 9 miles
Total Workouts: 9

Favorite workout:  

I had two awesome workouts this week.  On Saturday, I swam over 1000m and was able to swim 6 laps freestyle without stopping.  On Sunday, I ran 3 miles without stopping and had no pain. Glorious.  I freaking love running.

Plan for the Week: 1/9-1/16

        • Monday:  Core Class, Bike 9 miles, Run 3.5 miles
        • Tuesday:  Spin Class, Swim
        • Wednesday:  Core Class, Run 3.5 miles
        • Thursday:  Swim, Yoga
        • Friday:     Bootcamp Class
        • Saturday:   Run 3.5 miles
        • Sunday:   Rest
Most important goal for the week is to rest the femur if I have any pain.

What was your favorite workout last week?

What's a song that always gets stuck in your head?


  1. So are you paying the extra money for the Yoga classes? I Have my first spin class tonight at 6 and I DID get my padded shorts in time :D Then tomorrow I am doing Core Strength Core. Does the Y let you drop into classes instead of signing up? Like I would love to take a class on Thursday or Friday nights but I work a lot of them so I wonder if they let you just come in and see if there are any openings for you to just drop in for that day...

  2. I love all the classes you're signed up for and thank you soooo much for letting me know about "unhear it" GENIUS! I really want to do more at the gym this year, as I've never been a member. Maybe I should try.

  3. La-la-la
    Can't get you outa my head .......

  4. We're gonna rock down to...ELECTRIC AVENUE...and then we'll take you higher...

    Love that song!

    Good job this week Kimmy! So glad you are getting back into the swing of things with running!

    My favorite workout this week was doing yard work on Saturday when it was 40 degrees! I even have sore hamstrings from it!

  5. 4 o'clock. I don't envy you. I want to die at 5, let alone 4! Great job on your runs!!! You are picking up speed so quickly. It's so fun to see. Good luck this next week.

    My favorite workout this past week was my track session- 5x400M intervals.

  6. Nice job girl and I absolutely love your attitude about the upcoming week. My favorite workout was definitely running with a faster group of freinds. They pushed me and I got to meet new people. Win/win!

  7. Awesome workouts! My fav would of been 3.5 miles on treadmill chatting with a friend. Always makes it easier.

  8. Love your workout schedule...I never vary mine enough & you have a little bit of everything! My workout for this week will be trying to get out of bed after my c-section (wednesday) & learn how to walk all over again ;)

  9. ohhh! loving the variety in your workouts! i GOTTA get better about that! good feeling by flo-rida. stuck in my head all the time. but i looooove it.

  10. 4:00?? As in the a.m.?? Good job on your swimming, I can only swim one lap without stopping, LOL.


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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