Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Tidbits.  That's a funny word.  When I'm in the grocery store, I'll pick the pineapple tidbits over any other form of pineapple because then I can finish my shopping saying "tidbits.tidbits.tidbits" over and over in funny voices to myself.  Same thing with "niblets".  If any food comes in "niblet" form you can bet I'll be buying it.

It's weird I don't have more friends.


I've got a couple of things to say here, so we're going to do an old-fashioned list post today.

1.  A huge belated thank you to my sweet Secret Santa, who did not include his or her (but I'm guessing her - but don't have a masculinity crisis if you're a dude, ok?) name in the package.  She/he got me this super cute personalized runner ornament - it seriously made my day when I opened it.

2  I am doing KDUB's 70.3 Birthday Challenge.  The idea is to complete a half Ironman - swim 2100 yards, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles between January 1st-11th.  I was actually most worried about the running, as my femur-rebuilding mileage is so low, but my schedule calls for a little over 15 miles during this time, so it was perfect.

Turns out, I should have been worried about the biking, because apparently I hate cycling.  It does explain my inability to catch the spinning bug, and the neglect my poor rusty Schwinn has suffered over the years.  This challenge is the kick in the pants I needed to stop whining and try a new spin class.

3.  My recovery is going GREAT so far.  I'm slowly and steadily increasing my run/walk ratio and am up to three miles of running, 3 minutes running/1 minute walking.  It's difficult to crank the treadmill down after the three minutes, but I'm hoping my patience will pay off in the long run.  Ha.  Long run.

Anyone else doing the 70.3 challenge?

If you've suffered an injury, were you able to stay patient on a slow rehab program, or did you jump right back into your normal mileage?


  1. I love that ornament. So cute!

    I'm doing the 70.3 challenge too! Done with the run portion already, time to kick the swim and bike into gear.

  2. No 70.3 for me. I would go under in the water and not come back up. I finally started using my Y membership and plan on doing spin classes starting next week. I have never taken a class and hope I don't embarrass myself.

  3. I love the idea of the challenge!

    Hopefully the better you get on the bike, the less it will suck.

  4. I saw what you wrote on FB and genuinely thought you had signed up for a half Ironman. This is only slightly less crazy. Good luck!

  5. that ornament is absolutely amazing! i love it! i have not been able to work slowly back into my mileage in the past...but then i ended up with pain in other areas as a result. so i at least went slower the second time around. i admire your patience! it will pay off and you will come back strong! good luck on the 70.3. i am not so coordinated on a bike. or in a pool. haha.

  6. Your ornament is adorable!

    I'm attempting Kdub's challenge, but the duathlon version. No swimming for me, it might mess up my hair.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  7. I need a runner girl ornament!!!! NEED. IT.

    That's a cool challenge. If I could swim, I would think about doing it. Don't kill your lady tidbits on the bike ;)

  8. My boss used the word tidbit today just after I read this post and it made me giggle.

    And I just typed tidbit as tidbut, which I think is even funnier...

  9. Cute ornament! Thanks for the shout out on the challenge. Maybe this will help you learn to enjoy biking...maybe? ;)

  10. The Ornament it sooo cute, perfect gift :). If you want to know the name of the SS, let me know and I'll send it to you (if you don't know already). The tri challenge sounds like a total blast!!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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