Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sidelined. Again.

Hey, good morning.

Before I tell you the bad news, have a look at some good news:

Numero uno.  My training has been awesome.  In the beginning of December, I crafted a smart, slow return to running after my femoral stress fracture, and I've executed it perfectly:

Weekly mileage courtesy of DailyMile.  I really didn't skip a week, not sure why "1" is blank....

Numero dos.  I've fallen in love with other forms of exercise.  Since December 1, I've swum almost four miles, spent hours on the spin bike, lifted weights, rowed, yoga-ed.

Numero tres:  I think I've found an excellent chiropractor who is going to fix me.

With all that fantastic news, what could be wrong?

1.  My femur hurts.  Ruh-roh.

2.  My hip hurts.

3.  My posterior tibial tendinitis that I thought I kicked in June is back.

4.  After five years of running with no knee pain, my knee hurts.

And before you worry that I was struck by lightening in the crotchal region, never fear.  I just kinda always wanted to wax my nether-foliage into a lightening bolt shape like what I think Wonder Woman's pubes might look like.  Or a stripper.  Whatever, let me have my dreams.

So, it sucks bad.  Obviously, I can't run with this multitude of injuries I'm stacking up, but the great news is I know it's nothing I did wrong.  I didn't jump back too quickly into training.  I had my gait analyzed.  I went to physical therapy.  

I had an appointment yesterday with a chiropractor, and he said, and I'm quoting, that my case was "fascinating", and he "couldn't wait to work on me".  He said my pelvis is very twisted, and now also my foot, ankle, knee, and hip on my injured right side area all f*cked up too.  

Basically, there's no way that I can run with this problem and not have a litany of injuries result from it.

I'm taking this setback surprisingly well.  Yes, it sucks that I really felt like I was on my way back, and I'd just started to sign up for races, but I feel positive and I really think that I've finally found someone to address the root of the problem.

It's shocking, I know, but apparently being on bedrest for 14 weeks is not excellent for the pelvis.  

Ah well, it's just another thing I can guilt them with when they're older.  :)

My little monsters.
So for the forseeable future, you can find me swimming, cross-training, and drinking heavily.


  1. Boo!

    BUT, yay for having someone on hand who wants to figure out and address the problem. And, hey, at least you have a ton of other activities to fall back on right now to stay in shape.

  2. So, when I read this earlier, the picture where you are showing what hurts didn't show up. I was really confused about why you were talking about shaving a lightning bolt into your crotch rug, then I just thought "Huh, Kim sure is weird to talk about that randomly"

  3. Laughed my ars off on Rachel's comment.
    And for you Kim... O' sh*t! huh?

  4. wonder woman pubes? this is why i love reading your blog.

    don't give up (well, i mean, maybe take a rest, but don't give up, big-picture-speaking). cheers to hoping this chiropractor is the answer for you!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope your chiropractor is able to help. I feel your pain- I had foot surgery last May, and now the pain is starting again, except in both feet this time... It's such a hard thing to handle when your body doesn't let you do what you want, especially when what you want is a healthy thing!

  6. Damn! God that's sucktastic on a new scale. Since I only play a Dr on TV, it sounds like a chiropractor might be a great route to take. With so much going on, it makes me wonder if the Dr will tell you one leg is significantly longer, etc etc. Just a thought from someone who's gone to one.

    I feel for you and am rooting for you - enjoy the heavy drinking in the meantime :)

  7. Oh no! I really didn't want to read that (well not the lightening crotch..that was gold) the not running part! I really hope the chiropractor can figure stuff out!!!

  8. I was all prepared to write an "I'm so sorry to hear about your setback" but all the comments about waxing have cracked me up. I really hope you are starting to feel better!

  9. Balls. At least you've found your injury messiah... I was also going to say something really inappropriateg relating to christianity here, but I thought it might be best to avoid the hate mail. I'm totally admiring your pretty positive outlook you sunshiney beeyotch.

  10. I've been thinking about you! Hope you are hanging in there.

  11. Uh-oh, so sorry to hear about your injuries! I can relate with the knee thing. I’m not a runner myself, but the treadmill and I are pretty good friends. At least we were, until my left knee started acting up. I haven’t yet gone to have it checked up, but I plan on having an x-ray done on it, then bringing it to an orthopedic doctor. Funny thing is it’s not when I’m on the treadmill that it hurts, but when I’m doing normal things. I do hope you get your injuries looked at soon, so that you can get back to training again. Hope you get better soon!

    Javier Honig

  12. How long did the doctor say your recovery would be? I hope you followed all instructions given to you and religiously went to every physical therapy appointment you have had for the last year. On another note, being on bedrest for more than a week would naturally result to back or pelvic pains. The best thing to do in this situation is turn on different sides every now and then, or try to get up from bed with caution and supervision.

    Fort Lauderdale South Florida Orthopedics


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