Monday, April 25, 2011

Buff Mama!

Well, I hope to be soon!  Which is why I'm doing... drumroll please....

Basically it's a six week training program to get you to be able to 100 pushups consecutively.  It's super awesome, especially because my brother and husband are doing it with me. 

I'm in week two now, so I just did:

Set 1 - 14
Set 2  - 14
Set 3 - 10
Set 4 - 10
Set 5 - max (at least 15)

I'm going to start logging my workouts on here, so I'll keep you posted.  I go to the doctor the day after tomorrow.. so hopefully I be regaling you with tales of my runs very very soon... my running shoes are calling my name from their place by the front door....

Speaking of which, have I shown you my new running shoes?  They are awesome.  I had no idea Brooks made their GTS 11 in such schmancy colors:
Whoa, it's huge.  Sorry about that.
Ten bucks though the sports medicine lady will have me in different shoes... I'll just have to find some way to use them in home decor....

Hope your Monday was great!


  1. I just ordered these shoes for myself! Should be arriving any day now!

  2. those shoes are amazing!!!!! and YAY pushup challenge!! LOVE IT!

  3. uhhh don't beat me up with your massive pipes next weekend...

  4. Oooooo...I might cheat on my Mizunos with those.


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