Sunday, April 24, 2011

Down for the Count.

Hoppy Easter mis amigos!  Hope everyone gets some fun family time in... I can't wait til next year when the kiddos are big enough to hunt for Easter eggs... I'm already scoping out the good hiding spots.  :)

Well, I haven't run since the half-marathon.  That's EIGHT days guys.  I am dying here.  My shin issue has extended to my ankle, and now I'm hobbling around and walking down the stairs backwards. 

I made an appointment with a sports medicine doctor, finally.  I go on Wednesday, and no running until then.  I'm feeling super antsy and a little cranky (hey, want to come hang out with me? ha) but I know this is for the best - I really need to set my sights on the marathon this fall, and fix this problem now.  Even if that means I can't run the Green Bay Half.  I'll be the most enthusiastic spectator ever - I'm already thinking of signs I can make in case I'm sidelined.

My personal favorite - a sign I saw at the Chicago RnR 1/2 last year, held by a long-haired twenty-something year old dude:  "YOU ARE ALL REALLY GOOD AT EXERCISING."

Kind of reminds me of the episode of the Office where Dwight is in charge of decorating for a birthday, and his sign says "It Is Your Birthday."  ha.

Anyway, please PLEASE share all of the details of your runs, lifts, any sort of working out with me... I need to live vicariously through you. 

What's the best sign you've ever seen at a race?


  1. That sign is so funny! Cracking up here!
    I love funny race signs!

  2. I cannot think of any funny race signs off the top of my head...I am going to have to be on the lookout so I can inform everyone though.

    So sorry that you are still in so much pain. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way for the doc this week!!

  3. LOVE THAT SIGN!!!! Girl, I am so so worried about your shin issues....I am praying for you and good luck at the doctor's. If it helps I feel your pain!

  4. I saw one at the Grandma's half two years ago:

    It gave me a giggle.

    I hope they can sort out your leg...if you drop out of the Cellcom, you'll be the third person I know to be down for the count (well, I don't really "know" you, but you get what I mean). I'm starting to wonder if that race is cursed :)

    I had my mud run, and I have to get out for a 10 miler this week or I'm gonna be toast for the DC. I'm thinking Friday, but we'll see!

    Good luck with the leg!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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