Thursday, April 21, 2011

Running Mantras

The beautiful Julia over at Pain, Pride, and Perseverance posts a topic every week for all of us bloggers to talk about...

This week it is Running Mantras.

And I feel a bit embarrassed telling you all about my mantra, because it's kind of silly... but hey, if it helps someone get through a tough run, it's worth it!  And, I think I stole it from an elite runner, so I'm not taking credit for it.

Fast, Strong, Light

I say it in my head in rhythm with my footfalls, and you know what?  It makes me feel fast, strong, and light.  I usually pull it out when I'm feeling really sluggish, usually when it's hot or I'm on a tough hill.. and magically my knees start driving harder, my posture improves, and I feel a sense of balance and strength.  It's marvelous. 

But, yeah, I may have said it out loud a few times, and I might have gotten some super weird looks from fellow racers.. but hey.  Someone that once ran around a track with her shorts tucked up in her butt cheeks doesn't have a lot of dignity left.  Sorry for the visual.  And Rachel, sorry for the actual visual. 

Here's a Runner's World Article about mantras... see, mine isn't so silly!  :)

Hope you all have a super awesome Thursday!


  1. Love your mantra! I've used several over time, sometimes one seems appropriate for a certain race or long run but rarely the same one twice.

  2. I've used Fast-Strong-Tough a lot in the past! :) When you say it out loud (when you're not running) it does sound silly, but in the moment I think it can be really helpful!

  3. On Saturday "Long and Strong" kept going thorough my head. Also, when it got tough at the end and I tried to speed up I was thinking "Unstoppable!" :)


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