Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leg Update and Things I Hate Thursday!

Happy Thursday to everyone, hope your day is splendid so far!

I have a ton of stuff to tell you!

First, my little Alex is sick.  :(  A sick baby is so sad... I cannot even tell you... He slept in til almost eight this morning (which is totally unheard of), and then wouldn't even eat his breakfast.  This is a child who LOVES food and shoves everything he can into his face.

Spaghetti Monster.
So he's getting extra Momma snuggles and back scratches and smooches today.  They're sleeping now, but when they wake up, they'll get a bath and baby massage..  Ahh to be a baby again... :)

OK, about my doctor's appointment.  I saw a lady nurse practitioner, who is also named Kim, and she's a super awesome runner.  In fact, she's doing the full marathon in Green Bay in a few weeks... she's a rockstar.  Anyway, she did an X-ray and didn't see anything on the scan, and then sat me down to have the hard talk.  She said that it could be a number of things:  stress fracture, shin splints, inflammation of the fascia in my leg, but the treatment is the same for all of these things.  Rest.  Ice.  blah blah blah... honestly, when I heard rest, I zoned out and just heard the Charlie Brown Wah-wah-wah...

So, here's my plan.  I am going to ice the hell out of this stupid leg, and then I'm going to sit on my butt, and then next Friday, if I'm pain free (serious finger-crossing here guys) I am going to run the half the following weekend.  If I'm not pain free, then you'll be able to find me curled up in my bed surrounded by chocolate wrappers, take-out food containers, and a giant vodka tonic.  Not a pretty picture, OK?

So pretty much my whole doctor's appointment/leg thing could be my first Things I Hate Thursdays topic, because I pretty much hate everything about my dumb leg right now, but I'm going to try to be more positive, and talk sweetly to it, like a plant.  Then it'll grow healthy and strong, right?

What else.  Oh yes, W2 D2 of pushup challenge done... it was like seventy pushups, and it was glorious.  I think Nick is a little scared of my pythons.  Nick was in the Army, so he can bust out a million push-ups like it's nothing, but he still pretends we do a lot to make me feel better.  Sweet husband.  :)

And now.. it's time for...

I hate when you're at a restaurant trying to decide between two entrees, like say a grilled chicken sandwich and a yummy salad, and after much deliberation you choose the sandwich.  Then, when the food is about to arrive, you realize you'd forgotten which you'd picked and spent the last fifteen minutes preparing your tastebuds for some fresh, crunchy, salad.  And then you quick try to fantasize about a juicy steaming chicken breast, but there's no use... you really wanted the salad. 



  1. Hope Alex feels better. :(

    That is a pretty tame Thing you Hate. I got one for you from yesterday:

    I called Charter to get a better rate for our services and the dude I talked to was a total duma**. Right off the bat I said – “we have cable and internet, we like it the way it is, we don’t want any upgrades, we don’t want a home phone. We just want to pay less for what we have”

    So guess what he tries to do? Sell me a bundle with phone for more than we pay now. ARRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!! Then after I again say we don’t want that he tried to get me to upgrade to a DVR and a bundle that is, again, more than we pay now. WTF mate? DO NOT WANT.

    Then I explain none of those work, they are too expensive, so how much would it be for just internet if we cancel cable. OOOh the scary 'cancel' word. Then magic fairy boy waves his wand and transfers me to someone who can actually help. Happy ending - we got 30 bucks knocked off after an hour spent on the phone.

    Thats a Thing I Hate!

  2. Wow...sorry about the long rant. I've been stewing about it since yesterday and thought it would fit your theme well. :)

    I do hate at a restaurant when the other peron's food looks way better than what you ordered. Food jealousy.

  3. ahhhhhhhh!! definitely take care of that leg! thinking of you and hoping for no pain so that you can run the half next weekend. definitely think positively and ice and rest and hopefully it will all work out!!

    I definitely agree with your "i hate"...haha. i do that all the time. Or like 10 minutes later I just realize I wish I had picked the other option. dang it.

    hope your sweet baby feels better as well!!

    oh and thanks for the sports bra suggestion!! i need to give one a try!

  4. The server thanks you for not sending it back and saying, "No, I was trying to decide between the Chicken and the salad and I said I don't want the salad" Of course, I'm not sure how you would explain ordering the salad dressing, etc. Hey--I don't have ALL the answers.

    Rachel, I think it's food envy! lol


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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