Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paper Bag Diagnosis Part I

If you've been reading my blog, you probably know I've got some lower leg issues.  I tend to b*tch about it in nearly every post, which I'm sure is super fun to read about....

Here's a quick recap of the injury:  It started in December 2010 when I began running regularly after coming out of the "twin haze" after my monsters were born.  I thought it was shin splints, and they continued to get progressively worse until the Oshkosh Half Marathon on April 16th.   I took four weeks off (with no decrease in pain), scrapped my planned half and first full marathon, and went to Physical Therapy.

PT diagnosed me with Posterior Tibial Tendinitis.  Blah blah blabbity blah... I went through 4 weeks of therapy, and eventually could run pain free.

Two weeks after my last PT appointment, the pain started coming back, and within a week, it was as bad as the day I walked into PT. 

WHAT THE $#%&?

Then I happened upon an article Help.. I Have Shin Splints!

In the article, the author says that the #1 cause of shin pain is lack of arch support, and then gives a whole lotta good information why.  Seriously, go read the article if you're having shin pain.

Oh man, this post is getting long and I'm not even to the cool stuff yet.  I'll try to wrap it up... (ha, has anyone seen that Chappelle Show skit with the "Wrap it Up Box"?  Funny.

OK, great article, but I don't have arch issues.  PT looked at them, said they were normal, shoes have never been an issue for me, and I don't have arch pain.

So.  Here's what I did.

I took a paper bag, wet my feet, and stepped on the bag.

I think feet are pretty gross, so sorry for this.
 OK, can you guess which leg my pain is in?

Part II tomorrow... you probably need a nap after reading this. 

P.S.  Tempo run yesterday?  Four miles total - busted out 2.5 miles at an 8:12 pace..  Ahh it felt good.  :)


  1. The left? Looks a little flatter :). My feet were normal, but post babies are damn near flat. Dumb babies.

    Sweetness on the 8s, though! Woo!

  2. okay. i am super interested to see where this is going. I am going to say the right because it looks like you are putting less weight on it?? i have no idea.

    LOVE that you busted out the SPEED. way to go girl!!!

  3. Have you ever looked up info about the soleus muscle? I went through a very similar issue to what you're describing, crazy shin splints that WOULD NOT GO AWAY.

    My chiropractor (who is also a sports therapist) helped me sort it out. Regular massage (that I do myself), specific stretching and occasional icing and foam rolling keep it all at bay now. And I don't have to buy arch inserts anymore!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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