Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paper Bag Diagnosis Part II

For your reading pleasure, the first part of my saga diagnosing my shin pain.

Yesterday I left you with this picture and  a question:

Which is my injured leg?

If you guessed my right leg, you are CORRECT!

Notice how much higher the arch is on my right foot? 

 I never would have thought that I had differences in my arches, and didn't know if this was a cause/symptom of my problem, or merely another of my many anatomical quirks.  (Go ahead, ask me to bend my thumb behind my hand.  It's disturbing.)

Anyway, thinking I needed to think about arch support, I hopped into my car, and drove to Walmart.  My ankle/shin hurt so badly on the way in I was limping noticeably (and audibly, apparently flip-flops make a limp hilariously apparent)

flip-FLOP, flip-FLOP, flip-FLOP

Scanned the plethora of insoles for about 12 seconds, and pretty randomly chose these:

I put them on when I got back in my car (with my flip-flops, which is a SEXY look you should definitely try)

Walked into TJ Maxx, and was stunned to hear

flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop

Uhh, what?  Weeks of PT, hundreds of dollars out of pocket, and a three dollar pair of insoles is going to cure me?

Seriously, no pain.  I couldn't freaking believe it.

I wore those insoles the whole day, and iced, foam rolled, and crossed my fingers. 

Went for a run the next day - a glorious 6 mile run in the heat and humidity...


Yeah, I read Born to Run, and I was kind of insole-wary like I know a lot of you are, but it's working for me, and I'm loving it. 

In fact, I'm in such a great mood because of my great tempo run Tuesday, my decent recovery run yesterday, and my planned half marathon pace run today, that I don't even have anything for Things I Hate Thursdays!

All this running could be bad for my angry blogger career.  :)

Hope you have a super day!


  1. I'll give you one for Things I hate Thursday - I HATE that I won't get to see you for 1 more week. Bah!

    I LOVE that you are feeling better thanks to the insoles. I wanna see you wear them with the flip flops though!

    And now I will go back to emailing you...we are so cool

  2. Insoles with floppies...

    Dang girl, you are so hot :)

  3. I try to diagnose all issues with paper bags. You should see me try to fix computers. I am a CHAMP!!!

  4. BEST NEWS EVERRRRRRR!!!! woo hoooooooo!!! love this!

  5. i love this, and i'm going to try it. maybe $3 walmart arhces could solve all of my problems too? well, okay, not ALL of my problems...


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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