Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Five Confessions of a Bad Parent

Good morning!  Let's skip my usual generic preamble today and dive right in to the public display of the highlights of my more questionable parental adventures:

#1.  I taught my kids to say "Yay Momma!" and clap just to give me an ego boost.  Now if I feel like I need a little applause for say, loading the dishwasher or brushing my hair in the morning, I gather the kids around and they cheer for me.  It's great.

#2. Two words.  Baby Rodeo. 



#3  In the early months, I often did not know which baby I was nursing when I stumbled into their room for the third...fourth...fifth time every night.  I'd squint and try to figure it out, and then I'd give up because it didn't really matter.  In my defense, they looked reallllly alike.

#4  I used to put my hands on either side of my giant twin baby belly and jiggle it around, while simultaneously yelling "SHAKEN BABIES!!!" just to get a rise out of my husband and mom.

Bad Momma.

#5  I made this into a coffee mug for my husband for Father's Day:



Whew.  I feel better getting those off my chest.

Have a super Wednesday!


  1. I love this. Maybe I'll get my three girls together to make a mug that says, "Sisters before Misters"

  2. Love the shaken babies. :)

    Kimmy, you are one of the best mommas I know. Your happy, loving boys are a testament to that!

  3. Ha ha ha! Bros before hoes is the best :)

  4. Sing it with me:

    "Shake shake shake....shake shake shake...SHAKE THE BAAAAYBEEE, SHAKE THE BAAAAAYBEEEE".

    Cute kids. They look a lot like my boys :)

  5. bahahaha. omg. no words for any of these. love them all!

  6. i think if we lived in the same zip code, we'd really be friends... like, you know, in real life. not blog life.


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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