Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sorry Weirdos.

Hey, good morning,

Have to make this one quick as I'm off to my big DEXA scan and meeting with the orthopaedic duder.  Pretty nervous.  I wasn't actually that nervous until my doctor said:

"You do not want to have osteoporosis at 27."

I concur.  I would very much like to not have osteoporosis, so I'm going to be extra nice to the scan guy and not say ANYTHING dirty in hopes that he gives me good news.

Also, just a quick note to the weirdos out there that found my blog through this:

Uhhh, "double pee whizzing"?  Not sure what you were looking for... pretty sure you're not finding it here.  Or maybe you are.  If so, welcome.  Weirdo.

Also, a note to the one who came here looking for information on "inappropriate doctor", perhaps you should consider involving the authorities.

OK then, glad we got that cleared up.


  1. hahahah! It was me, I admit it. I have a fetish and I can't control it.

    My favorite ones on my blog are:

    rachel nipping out
    lick my muscles

    and the best one: Panty pooping

  2. Oh and of course good luck at the doctors today. I hope your bones are OK.

  3. People find my blog using some weird search terms, too. Mostly "plunger" and "sweaty butt." hahahha. I guess I deserve those.

  4. Good luck w/ the scan. My mother's got advanced osteo and that keeps me faithfully taking calcium. Nobody wants that..

  5. bahahaha. omg. i LOVE looking up search terms for my blog. hope the dr goes/went well!

  6. I got "girl changing her bloody tampon" today. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.


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