Friday, June 3, 2011

Mail Order Goodies

Happy Friday all!

Don't you love getting stuff in the mail?  Especially pretty, useful stuff?

Usually the only things I lust over online are running related:  a cute new skirt, headband, whatever. 

Until I saw this gorgeous piece of sweetness on Etsy:

Handcrafted Guitar Strap - Stairway To Heaven
 I've been needing a new strap for my guitar... but couldn't find just the right one.  Then I saw this, and the rest is history.  It came in the mail yesterday, and I hugged it for a long time and told it how much I loved it.  And bonus, when I tried it on, it is sturdy and comfy.  Mmmm.  Love it.

I was cleared to run 15 minutes today, so I'll be busting that out when my darling hubs gets home from work...  I'll let you know how it goes!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today - can't wait to get outside with my bambinos to enjoy this gorgeous summer weather!



  1. Cute, cute strap! Enjoy the run and nice weather!

  2. that strap is awesome!

    yay for running!!! hope it goes well...enjoy ever second :)

  3. Enjoy your run..and your guitar.

  4. I love the strap.. very cool. Hope your run was GREAT!

  5. Hey that is a great strap! I made one for my husband one time and it didn't turn out so good ;-/

    I will have to check out etsy!

    have a great weekend!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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