Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seasonal Allergies Can Be Hazardous to Your Car

Yeah, I wrecked my car during my blogging hiatus.

Do you ever sneeze in your car and think, "Oh balls, my eyes were closed for a good second and a half.  Good thing some dumbass driver didn't just stop right in the road!"

Well, that's pretty much exactly what happened to me, only it was like, "ACHOO!!  Oh balls, my eyes were closed for a good second and a half.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"  Then I crashed into some dumbass driver that stopped right in the road. 

Yeah, I blurred out the license plate.  You can't stalk me, I'm the gingerbread man!!
 Guy was driving a big dually pickup truck, and my car went right underneath his.  I hit him going about 50 mph, and luckily I walked away with only some pretty good whiplash and bruising on my legs where they hit the dash.  I am super, super lucky on this one folks. 

Maybe I should jump on the frivolous lawsuit train... maybe I could sue Claritin, for not controlling my sneezing?  Dodge, for making a truck that will crumple my sweet little Corolla?  My eyes, for not having the strength and dignity to stay open and focused during a sneeze?

Hope everyone has a super Tuesday!


  1. RIP Gray Goose. I shall miss you!

    I am always freaked when I get one of my sneeze attacks while driving

  2. It's physically impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Just saying. Allergies are so evil...and Claritin is crap. Zyrtec power!!!!!

  3. ahhh! so sorry to hear this but glad you are okay. i have totally thought that before while sneezing and driving...scary.

  4. That's scary - so glad you're okay, though!

  5. Thanks everyone.. it was scary, but the silver lining is that hubs finally gets to buy a car he wants... :)


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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