Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lying to the Teacher & Things I Hate Thursday

For those of you that are lucky enough to have escaped the evils of physical therapy, let me explain something to you.

It's like being in school.  School where they hurt you.

You have homework, tests, lectures. 

The homework is my stretching, strengthening, foam rolling, icing, etc.  The tests are all of the crazy things he makes me do during my appointment to test my range of motion, pain (which is great fun), and flexibility.

The running is like... a science fair project.  It's really awesome, and I just want to work on it all the time by myself so I can be done with it.  And then I can start running however I want to.   Er... science-fair-projecting however I want.  Here's where the analogy starts to fall off a bit.

Anyway, today, the teacher is going to want to know how my science fair project is going.  Well, honestly, it's not going great, but do I want to tell the teacher that?  No!  I want him to think it's going awesome so I don't have more homework, and have to stay in class over the summer... and so I can RUN!  Are you guys still with me here?

Yeah, my ankle hurts.  So does my shin, my calf.  My ankle actually hurts to the touch, which worries me.  Although I'm not entirely convinced it's not due to the frostbite I sustained a few weeks ago.

But seriously, I don't even want to tell this dude, because my runs are going to get chopped down, and I'll be in PT for the rest of my life.

Since I know how much you guys love hearing me kvetch this early in the morning... it's time for..........

I hate it when I'm cruising on a medical website, reading about what to do if your kid happened to eat a bag of the silica gel that comes with shoes and stuff (just an example, that probably didn't even happen), and the most DISGUSTING pictures come up on the side of the site.  Seriously, who needs to see a disgusting yellow toenail all curled up and gross... or a close up of a brown recluse spider bite.... or an avulsed eyeball, or any number of disgusting skin infections.  Seriously!  I'm shuddering just thinking about it.  Ugh.

You're welcome for this pleasant post. 


  1. Things I hate thursday = my favorite thing ever. I totally agree. Those pics are terrifyingly disgusting.

    I TOTALLY understand about the PT. Mine came down to frustration and simply just not being able to afford it any more. Yeah I knew I was not completely back to normal...but I just could not be going there getting my leg pulled, prodded and scraped ALL the time. I just wanted to feel normal again. ugh. It is such a frustrating process! Good luck with everything! I hope that your body will heal soon so you can be out there truly enjoying your runs again!

  2. nice analogy. :)

    I wish you had a good report for the PT and I wish you didn't hurt anymore. It's been going on for too long!

    And you know I love those gross pictures. Should I post the one of your feet after Chicago?

  3. I feel you about going to the PT. Runners don't like injuries.... they suck and make us feel like crap. But, it is always comforting to know that we ALL have injuries and sometimes we are all out of commission. But hopefully they come and go just as quickly. Feel free to complain all you want on your blog. I get it =) have a great day -Jen

  4. Don't lie to the teacher. Don't do it. You will ultimately regret it. Better to delay heavier training now than to be totally out of the game later.

    Don't look at me that way. You know I'm right.

    Also? I love weird medical stuff. I love watching surgeries and looking at pictures of bizarre wounds :) I'm a freak. I admit it.

  5. I thought that was a pretty good analogy! But if you do everything you can in the first place, hopefully you'll have less problems later on.

    I'm like Amy...I've always loved to watch surgeries, and those pictures make me go, "Whoa, gross!! Hmm, I wonder what that is, lemme see.."


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