Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where I Run.

Happy Wednesday!

This is a great day so far!  Popped out of bed at 5 am and got dressed in my favorite running clothes, strapped on my brand new Garmin (yeah, I was totally able to sweet talk my friend into buying my fancier, but crappier 405.  I squeezed my camera into my handheld water bottle pocket, and took off.  Had a great little run in the heat and humidity, and snapped some nice pictures along the way.

The topic of the week from the sweet  Julia is what all of us blogger folks see during our daily runs.  For some reason, I often think about this when I'm out on my runs.... I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful rural area in Wisconsin, and when I think of my morning runs, I have the same few snapshots of the scenery in my head... but what are you Utah girls seeing on your runs?  Or urban runners, or people in the mountains or along the water?  I just have this montage in my head of all of these runners from diverse cultures around the world, living in vastly different climates and terrain, all getting their morning run in.  It's one of my very favorite things about our sport - the universality. 

The road where I live is rolling hills surrounded by trees and farm fields...  the scenery isn't postcard-spectacular, but it's home for me.  :)

View from my driveway.

Sunrise on my run this morning

Furry friend.  I think he thought he was invisible...


Wildflower prairie.

I only ran about two miles this morning so I didn't have too much to photograph, but had a gone a little further I could have shown you the loneliest herd of cows ever.  Whenever I run by their pasture, they all moo like crazy and stampede up to the fence and then run along with me until I pass their enclosure.  Ahh... Wisconsin.  :)

Oh, and exciting news.  Since I now have a Garmin I can actually figure out how to use, I'm going to start heart rate training.  I'll tell you all about what I'm learning... as soon as I learn something.  :)

Hope you all have a great day, and can't wait to see your home turf!


  1. "nicer but crappier" garmin = AGREE. my 405 is driving me crazy!!!!! I LOVE this...your hometown looks so peaceful and that little rabbit is cute :) What a lovely run this am :) (and every day!)

  2. what a great idea to sneak you camera in on your runs! i need to do that. morning runs really are the best.. and if it makes a difference. I think your pics are postcard worthy :)

  3. Can't wait to do this! Maybe I'll walk my favorite route and snag some shots :). My neighborhood is an odd juxtaposition of urban and rural...

    Great pics! Are you coming to GB for the Bellin? I'm going to watch the hub's triumphant sub 55 min finish and cheer, the to the farmer's market!

  4. Very pretty! Awesome idea... I run by a river, maybe I will take pics! Congrats on new Garmin

  5. Love the pictures! Your description of the cows made me laugh. :)

  6. Yay for the Garmin 305. I swear, it is OODLES better than the 405. OODLES.

    Aren't you so grateful that you live in a beautiful area and you can just start running the second you head out the door? I am the same way. I'm horrible about taking my camera with me on my runs to take pictures:
    A- I hate carrying stuff.
    B- I don't stop when I run.
    I'll try to do it this week so you can see what Utah looks like!


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