Monday, June 27, 2011

Too legit to quit.

Happy Monday all!

Last week was my first "real" week of training since my ankle injury, and it was glorious!  Very low mileage, but I'm getting there!

Monday - 1 mile pushing double stroller (I think this is equivilant to a 20 mile uphill trail run... with an ipod playlist full of yelling baby noises)

Tuesday - Drank maybe just a couple more beers than was absolutely necessary for a Tuesday.  Also went disc golfing... does this count as cross-training?

Wednesday - Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Thursday - 3 mile run - average 8:45 pace.

Friday - rest, and awesome dinner date with one of my most favorite couples.

Saturday - Big ol long run... FIVE MILES!! haha.  I'm at that stage where I'm past being mad that five miles used to be a short run, and just enjoyed all 45 minutes of it.  For some reason, I am having trouble slowing down my long runs... anyone else have issues with this? 

Sunday - Beer Belly Two mile race.  It was hot, I had two cups of beer during the run, and I ran a bit slower with some friends, but all things considered, I was happy with my time.  Garmin put the course at 2.15 miles, and I averaged right around 8:00 minute miles... but forgot to stop the watch so have no idea of my official time. 

That puts the mileage for the week at 11 miles!  First double digit week since April 16th... and that makes me smile.

*** Note to dear readers:  Yes, I've been gone awhile.  Yes, I know you probably cried yourself to sleep all those nights wondering if I had gotten sucked into the Bloggy Black Hole.  Rest assured, I'm back, and maybe one day I'll regale you with the tales of all of the crazy (and mostly awful) things that took precendence over blogging last week.  I'll be catching up on everyone's billion blog posts this week... :)


  1. Kim! I was worried about you!

    Once again I missed the Beer Belly. Next year, I swear.

    I will be cleared to run on 7/ half marathon schedule starts on 7/25. I have already put my entire program into my running log, because I am a big, huge dork. I even got a fresh log for my fresh start!

    Have you ever done the Jerabek Challenge? It's in August, and is a hilly 4 mile loop in Suamico. Wanna do it this year? Jamie and I do it annually, it's a memorial run for a fallen Marine. You get a nifty T-shirt, and it's a nice cause.

    Interested? I won't be pushing the boys, but they'll be there!

  2. um, there's a race in wisco called the beer belly? i must run this sometime soon...

    also, welcome back, and way to go on the double-digits!

  3. what up!?!??! double digit week!!!!! LOVE THAT! Congrats! What is this beer belly run?? sounds awesome and hilarious!! haha! glad you had such a good week training! hope this week goes as well :)


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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