Friday, June 10, 2011

Perfect Pace

Hey again.

Whoa, two posts in one day?  Crazy mama, look out!  Kiddos are napping like such good boys, and I realized something awesome, so I had to share. 

So, I wanted to see what my pace was for my run this morning.  It was an easy, conversational pace - not quite long-run slow, but not near tempo-hell.  I ran for 25 minutes exactly and covered 2.73 miles.

Put it into my favorite pace calculator, and presto change-o...

9:09 miles.  That's cool.

Wait a minute, isn't that right around what I need to get my coveted sub 2:00 half marathon?

So I plug that number in.....

Ha!  That brings me to a 1:59:57 finish.... doesn't get much closer than that!
I've just kind of thrown my sub 2 half goal out the window for this season because of the injury and stuff....

And of course, I couldn't have kept that up for 13 miles this morning, but I have nine weeks until my next half, and 12 until the one after that, and 14 until the last half of my season....
And assuming I can really start training in a few weeks... seems possibly doable for one of those races, right?  right?  Maybe?

I think it might be a sign from the running gods...  Or, maybe it's just a funny coincidence that will set me up for a too-fast start and a crash-and-burn finish at an upcoming race...

Either way, makes for a funny story!  :)

I'll be MIA til Sunday guys, hope you have a super awesome weekend!  


  1. Jealous :) my plan is to get speed coaching over the winter so I can set a blistering 9:00 pace in my Spring halfs :)

  2. I am jealous too... one day my pace will be awesome like yours! Great job!!

  3. Great job. I myself am going the other way and getting even slower. ARGH...maybe it is the buffalo wings combined with the hellish heat?

    Good for you keep it up!!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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