Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh sh*t.

That's what I said when I took the ice pack off of my stupid ankle.

You know how whenever you read something about injury recovery/prevention, and they always recommend icing?  You know how there's always that warning "be careful to not injure your skin with the cold"? 

Well, I've always thought, what kind of dumbass hurts themselves with an ice pack?  Well, that's me.  I'm the dumbass.

I'm the dumbass.
Yeah, so when I was a kid, I always thought I was getting frostbite... you know, where your toes or face or whatever are all numb and white and stuff.  Apparently, that was not frost bite.

This is frostbite:

Note the weird grayish patch of skin on my ankle bone.  Ugh.

Today I have absolutely no feeling in the skin over the bone on my ankle, and it's very swollen.  The skin is like the skin on top of a blister - all super soft and terrifyingly fragile.

Son of a bitch, my Physical Therapist already gave me a hard time for all of the bruises on my shins, and also when I dropped a TV stand on my ankle right before my second appointment. 

I hope if any of you are feeling down on yourselves today... you can go look in the mirror and say "At least I'm not the dumbass who hurt herself with an ice pack."

Happy, happy Friday.  Good thing it's the end of the world tomorrow.


  1. I really hope you didn't give yourself frostbite on a 70 degree day. That would suck.

    Hopefully the world will not end tomorrow, or I could have spent all that titty money on some blow.

    Oh, and the fact that this comment came so fast is in no way stalkerish or creepy as I am at work and bored stiff. I was innocently searching for some new content on all my favorite blogs :)

  2. Oh my god what did you do???

  3. ahhhhhhh. I did the same thing. Stuck my foot into an ice bucket till I couldn't feel it any more. Thought that was a good thing because at least it didn't hurt. Well not until the next day anyway when my toes were in AGONY! I feel for you. Hang in there!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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