Friday, November 4, 2011

B- Double E- Double R - U - N .. Beerrun!

If anyone can provide the lyrics to the next line of that song without Google, I want to be your best friend forever.

Tomorrow, I'm making the two hour drive to Lake Mills, WI to spectate for some awesome blogger buds while they run the Tyranena Beer Run.

I swear - if they classified spectators the same way they do runners, I'd be an elite for sure.  I'd have lawn chair and cowbell companies clamoring to sponsor me... it'd be glorious.

Something you may not know about me - I love beer almost as much (OK, just exactly as much) as I love running, and I cannot wait to try out this new (to me) brewery.  I'm bringing my famous sign, maybe my guitar, and I'm going to drink some beer and cheer my heart out!

Two quick announcements on this beautiful Friday afternoon:

1.  I am so excited to host a giveaway for some beautiful running jewelry... here's a teaser:

plum 13.1 running necklace on repurposed dime
Aside from being beautiful and my FAVORITE race distance, this necklace is made from a dime!  My coin collector self drooled when I saw it.

2.  Lucy Activewear is having a HUGE sale tomorrow!  25% off store-wide - click on the button on my sidebar and go check it out.  They have some really beautiful clothes and I can't wait to try them out.

Hope you all have a great weekend - you know I'll be back with yet another spectating report (as well as an awesome giveaway!) after this weekend.


  1. you know I can finish the lyrics but I'll leave it for someone else to attempt! ;)

    That necklace is awesome! Can't wait to see you honey.

  2. I love that necklace. Not only can I not finish the lyrics to that song...I hate beer! Am I going to be banned from your blog??

  3. No beer drinker here either. (Lisa hanging her head) But my husband loves it and even brews it himself on occasion. Does that count?

    I'm going into major spectator mode this weekend - bring on the cowbells!!!!!!

  4. Have fun this weekend! I have a feeling that necklace is for a giveaway of sorts...but I can't wait - can you send me the link? I'm a fellow coin collector and would love to have something like this!!!

  5. All we need is a ten and a fiver, a car and a key and a sober driver...

    Dude. It's in my running mix, because ALL runs are beer runs, yo.

  6. Cute necklace! Can't wait to hear the details about it!

  7. my brother works at Anchorsteam in SF :)

    love the necklace can't wait to hear the details!

  8. Dont know the words to that song. Sounds like a fun one. LOL but love your blog. Followed you.

  9. Hi from a new follower and thank you for joining Fitness Friday!

    I'm looking forward for a chance to win the running jewelry!

    Would you mind helping me spread the word about Fitness Friday? Please include the blog hop button in your FF post or on your sidebar. Thanks!!

    Have fun spectating!

  10. Beer is yummy! I love it too, my husband only drinks Coors Light but I like dark, light I will try it all and tend to like most of it.

  11. Why can't I think of the lyrics?! I can only sing the B double E Double r-u-n part. But, my singing does sound EXACTLY like Garth so you should be my best friend for that reason alone. You are the best spectator EVER!

  12. I have been informed that Garth Brooks also has a song of this lyrics are from the Bob and Tom version :). Country music makes my ears cry.

  13. Beerrun? I'm in. I have NO CLUE what the lyrics are but now I'm googling it!

    I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MY SHIRT!!!! I'm totally blogging a pic of me in it when I get it. Whoop whoop.

    Get Up & Go

  14. Beer Run sounds awesome! The necklace is to cute, I gotta get caught up and get in this giveaway!! :)


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