Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fear Can Suck It #10

I wrote two posts a few months ago laying out some challenges I'd like to tackle, and I added a separate page with a running list of  stuff I want to do.

And today, I get to cross the first one off the list.

10.  Learn how to swim properly.
    • I'm super comfortable in the water, but look like a hippo having a seizure when I try to do any specific stroke.  Do they even have adult swimming lessons?

Why, yes, Kim of two months ago, as it turns out, swimming lessons are not just for kiddies anymore.  

I signed up a couple of weeks ago, and found myself in a class with one gentleman wanna-be triathlete, and one mom who is petrified of the water.  

Annnnnnd..... this is where we need to take a break for a second.  

I need to clarify something.  My list of goals?  Most of them aren't real fears.  

"But, Kim!" you say, "Why is your list titled "Fear Can Suck It"?

Great question, readers.  Because it sounds good.  Because a couple of them are really scary.  Because a couple of them are just kind of scary.  Because "Procrastination-but-sometimes-fear-too Can Suck It" just isn't as catchy.

But if you want to talk about real fears, and really awesome people, let me tell you about the woman in my class.

She's probably in her forties (and man will I feel like an ass if she ever finds this blog and she's really in her thirties), and she's afraid of the pool.  She's on her second six week session, and two weeks ago, she had a breakthrough where she was able to stand in the pool, put her face in the water, and blow bubbles.  It took her weeks to get to this point.  I cannot even imagine how scary it must be for her to drive to class every day, knowing she is going to be uncomfortable (at best) the whole time.  

That is courage. 

Isn't it amazing how much we take for granted?  I am so lucky I have no fear of the water, and that I'm just looking for a few pointers on my stroke. (that's what she said?)

So anyway, back to the list.  I can swim pretty well now... go ahead and tri (ha, get it?!) to talk me into a triathlon.  Because there would be lots more bad puns like that.  You have no idea.


  1. I'm so glad I don't have fear of water to. We were grown up by water and at the lake almost every weekend so we always loved it!

  2. I can't imagine facing fears head on - day after day - like that woman. Great job for those swim classes though!!

  3. I've been toying with the idea of taking swim lessons so I can get better at triathlons.

  4. That lady. Talk about courage! I totally need to take a swim class. And, seriously, that's what she said. That is never going to get old! Love it.

  5. so i really never had any idea that there were ACTUALLY adult swim classes. i need to hit up some of those...i am terrible!

  6. Just found your blog.

    I took sweeimg lessons about 10 years ago before we bought our sailboat. I wasn't afraid of the water but had very little experience IN it.

    I am never going to be a good or even really willing swimmer but I do admire those who are.

    My Mother was afraid of the water. I can relate to the woman in your class and do appreciate her courage.

  7. Great job on #10! I too would like to be a better swimmer, but it's just not in the top 10 of any lists (yet).

    Funny how a stranger who's afraid of water can provide such perspective..

  8. What a great acomplishment! Crossing things off the list is always so much fun. I need to do more towards my list. I am a new follower.

  9. I have been afraid of water my whole life, I swim like a rock!

    New follower here from the Finding Friends Hop,
    Hope you can stop by, say hello and follow back, Thanks.

  10. Winning your fears is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life!
    Your friend will feel on top of the world when she will learn to swim.
    Keep us posted!


  11. Wow that lady is badass! I too can't swim "right"... yet I long to do a triathalon someday. Way to go you! I bet your femur loves the swimming.


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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