Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Best Class Ever and Giveaway Winner!

Before I start rambling and forget - look over here  --------------------------------------->

Someone else read my PSA signed up for the DKMS bone marrow registry!  We're increasing the chances of saving lives, people, and that is awesome.  Go you guys.

haha, that arrow is totally not going to work well when this post isn't at the top of the page... 

Anyway!  I started taking this class at the Y last week - it's Boot Camp.  And it kicks my ass.  And it is awesome.  

The first class we split up into teams and did relay race style drills across the gym.  First we'd sprint, then we'd sprint with a jump rope, then we'd have to plank-walk through our teammates' legs all the way across the gym, high-knees, sprinting... back and forth, back and forth, over. and. over.  It was an ass-kicker.

This morning was even more awesome.  The drill sergeant lady (who, based on my disturbing dreams this morning, I'm more than a little bit afraid of) set up a bunch of stair steppers in two rows in the gym, probably fifteen steps to a row.  She divided us into two groups, and one group did an exercise with the steppers (pushups, dips, incline pushups, high knees, agility, bear-walking) while the other group did something equally as punishing around the gym (sprinting, skipping (harder than you think!), shuffles, side-steps, running backwards).

At the end of the workout, people were moaning and you could even catch Ms. Badass Instructor grunting into her microphone as she finished out her sets of pushups.  I know I'll be sore tomorrow, but the worst part is my HANDS!  From crawling on those damn steppers, my palms are raw.

Don't try to wash me, I'll make you cry!

OK, on to the giveaway business.  The lucky winner is............

Yay for Sarah at Get Up & Go!
Sarah's new tank top!

(I totally think knew that she said I looked cute in my shirt and picked her... hint hint for future giveaways people!)  :)

Speaking of giveaways, go enter Rachel's Hippie Runner headband and belt giveaway!


  1. Argh! I hate doing pushups on the steps. I normally try to grab an extra towel so I can put one on the step or my palms are tender for DAYS!

  2. haha, I will have to remember to compliment you ALL the time!! :) and your palms, geez, they were torturing you.

  3. That class sounds insane! I don't think your button registered me - I signed up, did my cheek swab and sent it in, and then so did hubby too. So glad you brought it to our attention!

  4. Oh man! I didn't know there were suck up points!! Knowing Sarah, she is going to pair that tank with something totally cute!

  5. that class sounds HARD CORE!!! you are a rock star for pushing through it!

  6. HOLY have raw palms! that's one class I'd skip :P lol

    and congrats Sarah....she looks great in that green

  7. Your poor palms!!!

    But yay for a kick ass workout, even if you did have to leave some skin on the gym floor.

  8. sounds like an awesome class. i teach bootcamp style workouts at the Y but they wont give me a microphone...or a whistle!! lol

  9. Oh man. I HATE IT when there are scratches and stuff on my hands. Hate. It. I need someone to come around here and whip me into shape. I've been useless! Unless you call eating a ton of candy useful because in that case, I've been extremely useful.

  10. Ouch! That looks like it hurts.

    Congratulations Sarah!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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