Monday, November 21, 2011

Your Tatas Deserve this GIVEAWAY!

Man, I don't even know what to say about this giveaway.

 In fact, I'll just copy/paste an email I sent to Jody from Handful, Inc.


On Wednesday, I got this ridiculously delightful piece of lingerie you call the Handful.

Today, Friday, I'm only slightly embarrassed to report I literally have not taken it off except to shower since I snatched it out of the hands of the delivery guy.

I freaking love this bra.


From Handful's website:

"It's not just another ordinary sports bra, but the first and only Handful Bra made to fit your style in and out of the gym.  It conceals from warm-up to cool-down, so you've got one (actually two) less things to worry about.  And it looks terrific on its own or under your sassiest shirt to keep you at the top of your game 24/7."

  I love the product so much, I seriously can't stop feeling myself up and checking myself out in the mirror. 

My mama is going to be so proud.

Form vs. Function

Here's the deal.  For me, a sports bra is all about function.  I wore this for heated yoga, on a run, for a bootcamp class, and I loved it.  It held my girls in perfectly - no bouncing.  The function of this bra is top-notch.  

What I had been overlooking previously in my sports bra criteria is form.  I was fine with sacrificing the pretty shape and style that I expected from normal, non-sports bras.  But when I tried on the Handful and I saw how awesome my girls looked, and that you couldn't see any nipplage AT ALL... man, I'll never look at my old sports bras the same way.

Uhh.. I hope you have tickets! haha.

I know I am ridiculously ebullient in this review.  This bra is that good.  

Kimmy likey.

Handful has been kind enough to offer up a bra to one lucky winner!

To enter:

I'm going to try out Rafflecopter.  It's super easy to use - just click each item for instructions, then do whatever it says, and click I Did This!  That's it - no need to leave comments down below.... unless you have any questions, or you just want to tell me how much you love me..  :)


  1. I just can't believe a bra can be cute and yet hold the girls back. Falls into the too good to be true category. Eee hope I get to try it out.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love handful I can't wait to have my own :)

  4. That first picture of you in the bra is both pretty and hilarious.

  5. I got tickets to the gun show!! Dang it, I gotta get on facebook. I have been avoiding it!!

  6. You know that a bra that makes you grope yourself is going to be good...
    I have a couple and I love them. I basically don't wear anything else!

  7. Love the bra enough, but might just love the usage of "ebullient" even more :)

  8. Cute post!

    I had trouble with the Rafflecopter so hope my entries registered!

  9. I love you this much {----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------}

  10. I think that there are approximately 0 ways for me to comment on this and not sound creepy. I will say that I like that I"m the only guy to comment. Testoterone FTW!

  11. Not sure if my entries went through in the rafflecopter widget -- but I did them all:) Awesome giveaway -- I hope I win!!

  12. I accidentally clicked the finish button on the tweet without posting a link to my tweet, so here's the link!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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