Friday, November 18, 2011

Wisconsin - Come for the Beer, Stay for the... Brats!

I'm pretty sure most of you non-Wisconsinites are going to read the post title differently... but I mean brats, as in bratwurst, not brats, as in whiny kids in the supermarket.

Full disclosure here:  I'm not originally from Wisconsin, and I'm not even German (there are approximately seven people not of German descent who live in my area), but man, do I enjoy some beer and brats.   Allow me to take you on a visual tour of the food of my adopted state.

Traditional Wisconsin Cuisine

Exhibit A:

Giant brat, mustard, sauerkraut. Don't knock it til you've tried it.  

Exhibit B:

Giant (half-consumed, of course) beer.

Bonus points for beer being in giant stein:

That's it!  That's all you need to know about Wisconsin food.

That's Lambeau field in the background of the first two pictures - I was lucky enough to go to the Packer/Viking game on Monday night, and it was a great game.  Before the game, we all had to hold up big colored cards to create a cool Veteran's Day tribute:

My view from the eye-hole of the card.

Thank you Veterans!

Every branch represented on the field - very cool.

My veteran hubby and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Hope you all have a great weekend -  check back Monday for an awesome giveaway!

P.S.  Have you ever eaten a brat?


  1. You forgot the deep fried cheese curds! Damn I may need to go to Tom's drive in for some today now that they have entered my brain.

  2. I love some brats, and of course beer!! :)

  3. no brats for me, but I'll take the beer :)

  4. What a cool tribute to the veterans!

    I am a beer and brat girl for sure (grew up in MN) but I can't stand saurkraut...

  5. I could skip the football, but the German food is amazing!

  6. Now you are really going to ban me from your blog because I hate brats too! But I am a vegetarian so maybe you will let it slide...or maybe that makes it worse. I hope I get some bonus points when I tell you that Aaron Rodgers went to the high school that my parents live right next to.

  7. ahhhhh!!! so jealous you got to go to the game! sounds like a blast! i am going to my first NFL game over the Christmas holiday and I CANT WAIT!

  8. Brats? I thought this was going to be a post about your kids! (And that's what you get for going to the Packer game without me, bitch!!)

    I am German and from Wiconsin's twin brother, therefore I win.

  9. Well I've never been to Wisconsin but my friend Darrell Bevell coached Favre for 5 years there and he also won the Rose bowl as Wisconsin's quarter back years ago. Everyone from there always knows his if you're in to footbal maybe you've heard of him, then again, you were probably 2. :) Found you at the blog hop.

    -Jessica from

  10. I'm not from Wisconsin, but I love me some beer and brats! Yum!

    I wish I lived in a fun football town! We don't have a team here in Portland (except basketball, which I do love) and I love going to football games - it just seems like the right thing to do in the fall!

    follower from the blog hop!

  11. I'll take the beer but I'm not much of a brat fan but my husband and kids love them. Great tribute to Veterans!

  12. Oh Ya! I love a good brat and beer . . . or just a brat . . . or just a good beer!
    I am heading to the Packer - Tampa Bay game tomorrow and will get to enjoy a beer and brat at the game. OK - maybe 2 beers . . . but seriously - only one brat!

  13. LOVE the tribute to the Veterans! My Dad was a vet and we SO appreciate all our serviceman have done and scrificed for us! I'm also a mom of twins! I have 4 year old boys. Love your blog, I'm a new follower from the FNF Blog Hop!

  14. My son went through a phase ... about 18 months long...where all he wanted for dinner was bratwurst!

    I love bratwurst, mustard and 'kraut! YUM!

    Sounds like a cool game to attend... the vets' tribute looks awesome!

  15. hah never had a brat before...but always up for some deliciousness!

  16. Great post! My husband is German and actually ate brats for dinner tonight!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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