Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Boys!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.. we've been BUSY in our house!  We celebrated Alex and Nolan's birthday on Friday by going to the Building for Kids.  It was so fun - they have tons of themed areas for kids; science projects, play areas, firetrucks, water wheels, and a HUGE treehouse. 

Nolan and Momma in the treehouse
The feature exhibit at the museum was all about Japan.  We, like everyone else, are stunned by what's happening in Japan right now, and it was ironic to have this little room exhibiting some of the sillier things of Japanese culture.  The kids loved the huge fuzzy buses.
Daddy and his boys

Their favorite thing was this puzzle on the wall where they could move colorful knobs through a maze cut-out in the wood, and wooden beads on a curved wires:

And, finally, the creepiest chair in the world:

We had a great weekend.. I'll post more tomorrow!

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