Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Morning everyone!  Hope you are having a super St. Paddy's Day!

Today is a special one for me because one year ago today was the last day I was pregnant.  Although I was bummed that the kids came on the 18th instead of the 17th because I didn't get to have my green beer, I did have a great time as it was my first full day with zero bedrest.  After being on modified and then strict bedrest for 14 weeks, I was ready to get moving!

The weather has been great here this week, and yesterday I decided to put together the trikes that my mother-in-law got the kids.  It came in about a million pieces.. and I am not what you'd call "handy":

Oh, and excuse the food on the floor.. it was right after snack time.  Or maybe I forgot to clean up the floor after dinner last night.  hmmm.

Anyway, one hour and a few swear words later, here's Nolan enjoying the fruits of my labor:
I had a few pieces left over, and I couldn't figure out how to install the basket, the steering thing for the parent, or the sunshade, but what I did put together felt sturdy enough for the kiddos.  I'm hoping the next one goes better.  That's the great thing about twins - everyone gets them presents in twos, so I get double the practice assembling things!

I got my three miler in on Tuesday - and it was awesome.  Ran with Mattie on a hilly route averaging about 9:30 miles.. I felt great cardiovascularly, but I can tell I need to start hill workouts... my quads were on FIRE!  And, my stupid shins are worse than ever.  I've decided that after the Oshkosh half marathon (on Apr 16th) I'll take it easy for as long as necessary, even if that means skipping the GB half in May.  Which would make me cry. 

I think my hot hubby is coming to the gym with me tonight!  My momma offered to come twin-sit, and I'm really excited to pump some iron with my love.  May skip my Thurs tempo again depending on my shins.  Then maybe I'll bust out a beer and my green food coloring... it's only 10am and I hear it calling me..

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