Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Track Workout: Wisconsin Style

 Hey, good morning! 

We had our first Tuesday Track Workout of the season last night... wooo!  Because we go on the track nearest to my house, I am responsible for making sure that there isn't a conflict for our workout (track workout, band practice, etc)...   So I diligently checked the school's website, and the calendar was clear for last night, so we all headed over to the track.  Smart girl that I am, I didn't even think about the 4 inches of snow the Wisconsin Weather Gods dumped on us... and here's the entrance to the track:


I was totally bummed, but then saw a glimmer of hope...

One single lane was shoveled around the track.  SOLD!  Good enough for me!!
But, upon closer inspection we realized that the lane only went about two-thirds around the track.  Shoot.
So we headed back to the parking lot and ran in circles like a bunch of crazies until we were warm.  I had originally planned a 1 mile warm-up, and 4 x 400m repeats with 200m recoveries.  (That's running once around the track fast, and jogging half a lap to recover, four times)  We switched it up and did 6 x 200m repeats, with good old standing around as a recovery. 

 I was SUPER impressed with my group - everyone did really well, especially Hillary who is a new runner, and FAST!  First track workout ever and she was running 45-50 second repeats.  Very very cool. 

Here's our happy little group (I'm hiding behind the camera)  Two of the three of them are running their very first half marathon on in May - the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.. they rock!  We have a few more in our group that couldn't make it that are also training for the Cellcom.

OK, just wanted to share a quick photo of the birthday boy, my handsome husband Nick

Also, quick tip for those of you contemplating having a photo printed onto a cake...  Don't put pictures of anything super cute (puppies, adorable twin boys) because no one will eat them, seriously.

This is all that was left of Nick's delicious cake, and five days later, it's still sitting on my counter.  Just can't bring myself to eat my babies.  :-)

Have a wonderful day!

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