Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Lion Man

So my husband's favorite song of the moment is "Little Lion Man" - check out the video, if you don't know the song:

Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

So, I took this picture of my Nolan man, pretty fitting, right?

(Yes, this is just a lame attempt at a blog post to shamelessly put up a picture of my little guy.)

I think I am going to swap my Thursday run for a little time on the elliptical.  Ugh.  I am SUCH a baby about the elliptical, and I haven't done it in years.  My shins are bad today though, so I think that'll be better.  We'll see.  And big old 10 miler with my best buddy Rachel and a night away this weekend!!  Woo!

Hope you had a great Wednesday!


  1. I wanted to run/train for a marathon this year, but now I'm going to have to wait until Next year! LOL

    Found you through BabyCenter!


  2. Hey Nomie, thanks for checking out my blog! I found out I was pregnant in 2009 about 8 weeks before my first planned marathon.. I was put on exercise restriciton immediately, and had to postpone the race til this fall. I was super happy to be pregnant, but there was a little (ok, sometimes pretty big) part of me that was disappointed that my training went to waste. There's always another race! :)


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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