Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Coming!

The Stick comes today!  The Stick comes today!  Hi-ho-the dairy-o, the Stick comes today.

I'm psyched, can you tell?  :)

I did skip my run last night and felt really edgy.. but was able to burn off some energy on the weights.  I did strip-downs on the bench press:  started at 65lbs, did ten reps, took 10 lbs off, did 10 reps, etc etc.  It's a really awesome workout. 

I'm really banking on this miracle device fixing my legs.  I've had shin splints before, but never this long and never this painful.  I am secretly worried it's stress fractures, but I get anxious even thinking about that possibility. 

I've got my seven miler on the trail tomorrow... keeping my hopes up for a great, pain-free run.

Have a super day everyone!

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