Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday #2

Today feels like another Sunday because my handsome hubby is taking the day off to hang out with the kids.  I have a lunch date with my former coworkers at a Chinese buffet... and then I'm going to hang out with my brother!  It's going to be a fabulous day.  :)  Plus - I am having a super awesome breakfast:

Yup, that's a big cup o' joe and a homemade chocolate chunk mint chip cookie... mmm.  I figure since I am going to eat 10,000 calories at lunch, I might as well prep my body for the assault with some high-quality breakfast. 

I got my eight miler in on Saturday - it was great.  The weather was perfect... it was one of those runs where I just kept thinking how the weather couldn't be any better.  It was bout 40 degrees, light breeze, clear sunny skies... ahhhh.  It really felt like spring is coming!

Shins are still bothering me, but I'm trying a multi-faceted approach now:  icing twice a day, stretching, foam rolling, and using the Stick in the shower and after runs.  I am so ready to get out on the track and try some speedwork that I am giving my shins extra love so they don't fall apart when I run faster.

That's all I've got for now guys, have a great Monday!

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