Monday, May 2, 2011

Back in the Land of the Living

Happy Monday everyone!

Well, let me tell you about this weekend... I was supposed to go down to Madison for a wild weekend of long runs, bachelorette party, and best friend bonding... but on Friday night, I awoke to some rumblings in my belly.  I'll spare you all of the graphic details, but I spent the whole night on Friday lying on my bathroom floor (which looks a lot dirtier up close, by the way) moaning and crying for my Mommy. 

I don't know if was food poisoning or a stomach bug, but I haven't been able to eat anything other than a few pretzels and a banana since I got sick... but I am super ready to be feeling back to normal, so I made myself a nutrient-packed super smoothie this morning:

This bad boy has frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, spinach, chia seeds (yes, I might be jumping on the bandwagon, more on that later), whey protein, and almond milk.  I expect to sprout some giant forearms a la Popeye in the next fifteen minutes or so.  I'll let you know how that goes.

So, I was pretty bummed out this weekend, but let me tell you my big grown-up revelation I had.  With my face smooshed against the bathroom floor praying I wouldn't throw up again, I started thinking how generally healthy I am, and how some people have conditions (or treatments for those conditions) that make them feel like that.. all the time.  Can you imagine?  It's unbelievable really how lucky I am with my health, I don't get sick often, I am able to run farther at a time than some people run in their lifetime, I carried two sweet healthy babies - yet I complain on my blog to my sweet readers about a stupid sore shin.  Hmmm..  Really puts things into perspective.

So I'm going to work on this attitude thing... and if I can't run Green Bay with my buddies... then I'll actually get to see all of them run their first half marathon.  And then I'll cry.  And not just because I ALWAYS cry at races.. because I'm so happy for these guys - I'm going to tell you all about our little group before the race so you can cheer for them too (and stalk their race results!)  :)

I hope you all have a super Monday, can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs! 


  1. So glad you're feeling better! It really does put things into perspective, doesn't it? Thanks so much for this!

  2. So sorry you were feeling so sick but glad you feel better! that smoothie looks delicious...I need to jump on the power smoothie bandwagon!

    loving the sweet tabs at the top of your blog ;)

  3. Thanks for the well-wishing, and thanks for the tabs Julia! :)


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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